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Charges have been filed after a Bamberg County Library employee said a man exposed himself to her.

An officer was dispatched to the library on June 4 in reference to report of a male subject exposing his genitals to a female employee. The female victim said that while she was working, a male subject requested her assistance with finding a website on the computer. Five minutes later, the subject requested her help again.

When the victim approached the subject, she noticed his zipper all the way open and his member was fully exposed. She told the officer she backed away and acted as if she had not seen it. She reported the incident to her coworker and filed an incident report.

The library staff provided the officer with the information they had on the subject via a user information sheet.

A charge of indecent exposure has been filed, and a warrant will be issued.

Officers were advised of a second incident of the suspect attempting to expose himself to another female victim. The victim told an officer that while she was at a bookshelf, the suspect brushed up against her in a manner she felt was not accidental. Then a few aisles down, while she was looking at some other books, the suspect was at the end of that aisle.

The victim said she got nervous and went to leave. She looked back, and the suspect had his hands down his pants with the pants pulled down. When shown a photo lineup, the victim identified the subject.

A charge of disorderly conduct has been added to the suspect’s previous indecent exposure charge.

In other reports:

  • On June 20, an officer observed a vehicle parked at a convenience store and ran the tag information through dispatch. Dispatch advised the officer that the vehicle license was suspended. The officer then observed a male subject exit the store and get into the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

The officer followed and stopped the vehicle. Dispatch advised the officer that the driver’s license was suspended. The driver was then arrested and transported to Bamberg County Detention Center. During processing, the subject appeared to have an onset of a medical condition. EMS was dispatched, and the subject was transported to the emergency room for medical treatment.

The officer traveled with the subject in the ambulance to the hospital. EMS could not find anything medically wrong with the subject, nor could the medical staff at the hospital find anything wrong through their evaluation. The subject was medically cleared and transported back to jail. The entire incident was captured on the officer’s body camera, and the subject was charged with driving under suspension, first offense.

• An officer stopped a vehicle on June 20 because the driver failed to signal while making a turn. There was also a ladder protruding about 6 feet out of the back of the pickup. Once the vehicle finally stopped, the driver began to remove his seat belt. When the officer reached the vehicle, the driver had exited, so the officer placed the subject in handcuffs for officer safety.

The officer ran the driver’s information through dispatch. Dispatch informed the officer the subject’s driver’s license was suspended on multiple offenses.

When an assisting officer arrived on the scene, both officers heard glass breaking. The subject had dropped a glass pipe, causing it to break. The subject said that it was not his, and then begged the officer not to charge him for possessing the pipe. The officer had the assisting officer contact Calhoun County Probation, Parole and Pardon to see if the driver was being supervised by them due to the driver having a Gilbert address.

Calhoun PPP had an active warrant on the subject. The subject was charged with driving under suspension, first offense, possession of drug paraphernalia and an expired vehicle tag, and a hold was placed on him for Calhoun PPP.

• On June 23, an officer observed a vehicle speeding at a rate of 45 mph in a 35-mph zone. The officer saw the vehicle approach another vehicle traveling in the same direction. The suspect’s vehicle appeared to be following the other vehicle too closely, and the officer initiated a traffic stop.

The vehicle’s female driver presented the officer with her Mexico Consulate ID. The subject stated she did not have a driver’s license. The officer removed the subject from the vehicle and placed her under arrest in the presence of an assisting officer. She was then transported to jail and charged with no S.C. driver’s license.

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