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Kenny Felder said he and his wife will wait out Hurricane Florence, even though the area has been prone to flooding over the years.

A Cordova resident who lives just yards from the Edisto River says he’ll ride out Hurricane Florence at home.

“I’m going to stay here. I’m going to ride it out again,” Kenny Felder said on Thursday afternoon.

“My wife might leave me here,” he joked.

Felder has lived on Livingston Landing Road for the past 37 years.

During past weather events, such as the 1,000-year flood event in 2015, the Felders remained at their home.

The Edisto River swelled to historic high levels in that storm.

Just down the unpaved portion of Livingston Landing Road are four families, Felder said. While their homes are generally free of flooding concerns, the area can flood during catastrophic weather events.

“They can’t get to their homes when it floods,” Felder said. “They can’t get there, so they come and park in my yard.”

Felder is glad he and his wife are able to be good neighbors.

“Donald, he’ll leave his tractor here and he’ll take his wife. She’ll park her car over here and he’ll bring her here on the tractor and she’ll get in her car and go to work,” he said.

“Everybody’s still back there,” he said, pointing down the unpaved portion of Livingston Landing Road.

He says they’re planning to stay, too.

A ditch runs between the Felders’ property and the road.

The ditch generally remains empty, but three days ago water began to flow through it again, Felder said.

The Orangeburg National Fish Hatchery began draining water from some of their ponds, he explained.

The water drains into the ditch and empties into the Edisto River, he added.

He noted that the hatchery lowers the levels of the ponds in anticipation of weather events when heavy rains and flooding are likely.

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