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A family argument at a Bamberg motel ended with a man being arrested for damaging furniture in his room.

Arrested man threatens to kill officer

Units were dispatched to a local motel on Aug. 2 in reference to a subject trying to fight everyone in the room. Officers arrived and found the room’s table and chairs broken as if someone had maliciously destroyed them. The suspect’s daughter was inside the room when the officers arrived, and she stated that her father had gotten angry and said he wanted her and her boyfriend to leave several times. However, they did not leave. She also told the officers that her father was the one damaged the contents of the room.

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An officer then spoke with the suspect, who stated that he had asked his daughter and her boyfriend to leave several times, but they did not. The suspect had a strong odor of alcohol emitting from his person, and he was also reportedly agitated during the entire incident. The suspect said that he didn’t know about the table and chairs or how they became damaged.

The suspect was then handcuffed until it could be determined who actually damaged the items. Two other officers were able to determine that the suspect was the responsible party. The suspect was then transported to jail and charged with malicious injury to personal property.

In other reports:

• On Aug. 6, officers on patrol noticed a vehicle with a loud exhaust and no tail lights traveling on U.S. Highway 301. The vehicle pulled into a convenience store, and the driver exited the vehicle and went inside the store while an officer was initiating a traffic stop. When the subject exited the restroom, an officer detained him by handcuffing him.

The subject said he did not have his driver’s license on him. After running the subject’s information through dispatch, it was determined that his driver’s license was suspended, and the license plate on his car was registered to a pickup truck.

The subject told the officer that he went into the restroom because he had marijuana on him and that he had put it in the baby-changing station. The subject’s person and vehicle were searched, and a glass smoking pipe was found in the center console.

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The subject was transported to jail and booked for driving under suspension, simple possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and having a license tag registered to another vehicle.

• While patrolling right after midnight on Aug. 7, an officer observed a vehicle and ran its license plate through dispatch. Dispatch advised the officer that the tag was suspended, so he initiated a traffic stop.

The officer made contact with the female driver, who gave him her driver’s license. Upon running her license through dispatch, it was discovered that her license was suspended, her second offense. The subject was removed from her vehicle and walked to the front of the patrol vehicle.

The subject informed the officer that she had weapons on her. The officer removed two weapons from her person, handcuffed her and placed her in the rear of the assisting officer’s patrol car. During the search of the subject’s vehicle, a third handgun was found.

The subject was charged with driving under suspension, third offense.

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