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An Orangeburg physician learned he went on some cruises, gambled and leased cars — or at least his credit card did, according to a Sheriff’s Office incident report.

The doctor said the tally has so far come out to be more than $100,000 after an acquaintance gained access to his credit cards.

The physician called law enforcement Saturday saying he discovered an acquaintance from out of state not only gained access to his credit cards, but managed to have his name added as an authorized user and had an extra one made for his wife.

The physician said he befriended the man two years ago. The man moved to Orangeburg to be closer to his South Carolina friend, the physician.

Once here, the man was given small jobs around the office and a credit card to be used for gas only.

However, the physician said he found out recently the acquaintance had gained access to at least three of his credit accounts, on which an address change was made to reflect that of the acquaintance.

According to the credit card companies, several luxury vacations were paid for using the cards. Records reflect one vacation cruise cost more than $15,000 after a gambling tab was run up. The acquaintance would also send himself money using electronic withdrawals, the physician said.

As for the acquaintance, the physician said he has returned home. He said he believes the acquaintance knew he was on to him.

In other reports:

* A Norman Street man said he was apparently playing cards with a sore loser Sunday, according to a Sheriff’s Office incident report.

He said he was playing cards with a Mingo Street man and won all of the other man’s money. On Monday, he realized he had left his keys at the man’s house and returned to retrieve them.

The other man had apparently not gotten over the loss of his money, he said, because he struck him in the face and began shooting at him with a shotgun. The complainant said he could tell it was a 12-gauge shotgun because he could see it in the man’s hands as the man drove around looking for him.

The subject, however, gave a different story. He said the man struck him in the face after an argument broke out. He told deputies that when the man pulled out a handgun, he went to his room and retrieved a shotgun. But he said he only fired it in the air to scare the other man off.

Deputies are going to let a judge sort it out.

* An Orangeburg physician informed investigators of a fake doctor’s excuse he believes is tied to a worker’s compensation case.

The physician called investigators Monday saying that he was contacted by a company asking about his work excuse for a woman. He said he told the company he didn’t have a patient by that name.

The strange thing about the work excuse was that it had his signature stamp as well as another stamp that came out of his office, he said.

For the record, the physician said he did not write the excuse and believes it to be part of a woman’s claim for workman’s compensation.

He says he wants no part of it, the report said.

A copy of the excuse was turned over to the investigative division.

* A South Carolina trucker reported someone tampered with the seal on his trailer while it was parked in Orangeburg County.

The trucker said he parked his rig at Love’s Travel Plaza on Friday. When he returned Monday, he discovered the seal had been broken. The trailer was still secured but he wanted to make a report.

A Mississippi trucker also parked at Love’s Travel Plaza reported about 35 tires worth $3,000 were stolen from his truck.

* A Ramsgate Drive man is missing $6,000 worth of lawn equipment, including a riding lawn mower.

He said on Monday he realized someone had taken his green John Deere riding mower, a Craftsmen push mower and several other pieces of yard equipment.

* A Cope man reported a $10,000 truck carrying about $3,000 worth of diesel fuel was stolen from his property Monday.

He said someone walked into his barn and drove off with his white 2003 GMC Sierra. He said the truck had a diesel tank in its bed that was loaded with diesel. He said the truck was last seen headed toward Bamberg.

* You might want to leave your weed at home while shoplifting.

Deputies were called to Walmart Tuesday after workers reported a man trying to walk out with a pair of 18-count Budweiser packs. The 45-year-old North man told deputies he was on the phone and simply forgot to pay.

Store employees said the man was fidgeting with something in his hands as he walked out of the door and it wasn’t a phone. They said the he threw whatever it was into a trash can.

Inside the trash can, deputies found a latex glove containing at least four plastic bags of what looked like marijuana. Asked if he had thrown anything into the trash can, the subject was indignant, saying he had not, the report said.

Deputies watched the Walmart security camera footage, and the man was subsequently charged with shoplifting and simple possession of marijuana.

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