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Three Orangeburg female minors are currently in emergency protective custody after one of them told a teacher that their father allegedly hit her and then pulled a gun.

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On Thursday at 1:27 p.m., a teacher brought the female student to the school resource officer after the student told the teacher of alleged abuse at home.

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The student told the school resource officer that her father yelled and screamed at her to wash the dishes in the sink around 7 p.m. on Thursday.

She told the deputy that once she finished, her father became more upset with her because she did not dry them completely.

She said her father told her to finish drying the dishes by using the shirt she was wearing.

She told him “no” and then went to sit down.

Her dad continued to yell and then pushed her, she said.

He said, “B - - - -, get your fat a - - up!” she told the officer.

As she went to her room, her father allegedly followed her “still in an outrage,” the incident report states.

The student told the officer that she then went to put her shoes so she could go outside and wait for her stepmother to arrive home from work.

She said that her father snatched the shoes out of her hand and said to her, “I bought these shoes, put on some that you bought.”

The father then took the shoes to his room.

When the father exited the room, he allegedly removed a black handgun from his pocket and raked the slide while pointing it directly at her, the incident report states.

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She told police that her two sisters were across the hall cleaning the bathroom and they both heard their father rake the slide of the gun.

She said that her younger sister then came into the room and their father put the gun back in his pocket and left the room.

She then went downstairs and waited for her stepmother.

The S.C. Department of Social Services and a sheriff’s office investigator then visited the school and spoke with the student.

A DSS case worker and sheriff’s investigator spoke with the student’s three sisters individually. The three sisters corroborated the story.

“Law enforcement was able to see visible bruising on the face and chin area of the victim and the actual ring print that she stated her father was wearing when he punched her. Also there was visible bruising to the left hand and arm area of the victim,” the incident report states.

She showed the investigator a journal she’d been keeping to document the days her father has allegedly abused her.

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