Bamberg woman allegedly assaulted boyfriend

Bamberg woman allegedly assaulted boyfriend

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A Bamberg woman was charged with domestic violence after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend.

Wanted man still at large after fleeing police

On the afternoon of Oct. 4, officers responded to a Lazy Lane address in reference to an assault call. Once on scene, officers came in contact with a male complainant/victim who stated his girlfriend had attacked him with a picture frame and a caulk gun. The officers saw the cuts and scratches on the victim’s upper left arm while talking with him.

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The victim took the officers inside the residence to show them where the objects were that had been used as weapons. The room on the right had a broken mirror on the floor that had been in a picture frame. The caulk gun was also on the floor. The victim gave his statement to the officers, and then gave them a picture of his girlfriend so she could be identified.

The victim also requested EMS so his injuries could be checked. However, he declined to go to the hospital.

Report: Person chased with knife, but no victim found

Upon clearing and beginning to leave the scene, an officer spotted a female that resembled the subject. The officer made contact with the female, and she confirmed she was the subject in question. The officer then took the subject to the police station so she could give her statement. The subject had no visible marks on her person, and she declined to answer any questions after she was read her rights. The subject was charged with third-degree domestic violence. The photographs of the victim’s injuries were attached to the report.

In other reports:

  • Officers were dispatched to the 3-Way Food Mart on Oct. 1 in reference to a disruptive/intoxicated person. When officers arrived on scene, they saw a male subject in front of the business.

The subject was reportedly rambling on while talking with the officers, and one officer detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Having been in this subject’s presence before, this officer was familiar with his demeanor when he is intoxicated.

The complainant was trying to get the officer’s attention for him to go inside the business. An open container of beer was visible on the cement in front of the store. The subject kept walking around, leading the officer believe that he was either going to walk or run away from the area. Due to his behavior and obvious impairment, the subject was placed under arrest.

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The subject was charged with open container and disorderly conduct.

Bamberg County

Sheriff’s Dept.

A Bamberg deputy responded to a Lemon Creek Road address in response to a report of a burglary. Upon the officer’s arrival on the scene, the victim stated that when he arrived at the location that morning to do some work, he noticed the back door was open.

He said when he went inside, he noticed his tool box open and some items were missing. The deputy noticed some footprints at the back door and took some photographs. Information was gathered, and a report for burglary/breaking and entering was made.

  • On Oct. 5, dispatch received a call in reference to property damage. The owner of the property stated she received a call from a neighbor of their Lake Drive residence to let her know about a loud noise they had heard outside the previous night. The neighbor told her that they did not notice anything until the next day.

The fence had been knocked down by what appeared to be a vehicle striking it due to the track marks made through the yard, along with small pieces of that vehicle found in the yard. A report of destruction/damage/vandalism of property was made.


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