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A Bamberg man who was arrested after a disturbance at a convenience store repeatedly threatened to kill the arresting officer.

Alleged shoplifter causes disturbance

On July 29, an officer was dispatched to a local convenience store in reference to a male subject “showing out,” according to the report. The Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office also had contact with the same subject and had told him to leave. While the officer was in route to the scene, he contacted the store to see what the subject was doing, and he could hear the store clerk telling the subject to leave. Upon arrival, the officer saw the subject speaking to someone while they were pumping gas. When the subject saw the officer, he walked over to him and got really close to him.

Woman arrested for causing disturbance at drug store

The officer conducted a pat down, placed the subject into custody and handcuffed him. The subject began shouting curse words. The officer then placed the subject inside his patrol car and tried to place the seat belt on him. However, the subject “postured up,” according to the report, and would not allow the officer secure the seat belt on him. While the officer was transporting the subject to the Bamberg County Detention Center, the subject repeatedly said that he was going to kill the officer.

The officer had to temporarily step out of his vehicle at the jail to prevent them from closing the entry door for vehicles, and the subject started kicking the rear passenger door and window. The officer got the subject out of the patrol car, and the subject continued to threaten to kill the officer. The subject kicked the metal door outside the jail. The subject was placed in a holding cell, still continuing to threaten the officer’s life.

The subject was charged with a seat belt violation, trespass of real property, disorderly conduct “A” and failure to comply.

Driver of ‘mystery’ vehicle arrested on multiple charges

In an unrelated incident on Aug. 1, an officer sitting in his patrol car at the city limit sign noticed a car enter U.S. Highway 301 from U.S. Highway 601 and then take off at a high rate of speed as it entered the city limits. The officer followed the vehicle and activated his blue lights, having to speed up to catch up to it, and the patrol car’s radar confirmed a rate of speed of 55 mph in a 35-mph zone.

Once the driver finally pulled over to a stop, the officer approached and advised her of the reason for the stop. He asked the subject for her information, and she advised him that she only had a driver’s permit. The subject handed the officer a S.C. identification card, along with her passenger’s driver’s license. Dispatch confirmed the driver did not have a valid driver’s license nor a valid driver’s permit.

The officer had the driver step out of her vehicle and advised her of the situation with her license. She said she had an attorney handling an issue with her driver’s license. She also told the officer that her attorney said that she could use her identification card as a beginner’s permit.

The officer then advised the subject that he would have to take her to jail for no S.C. driver’s license or she could post bond by way of money order to avoid going to jail. She told the officer to take her to jail because her father was a politician and would sue.

With the passenger’s license being valid and the subject’s two young children in the vehicle, the subject allowed the passenger take possession of her vehicle. The subject also stated that she had medication that was needed, so the officer allowed her to make arrangements to retrieve her medication prior to being transported to jail.

The subject was charged with speeding and no S.C. driver’s license. The officer also attached his radar log with his report.

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