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Police charged an Allendale man with shoplifting and disorderly conduct at a Bamberg store.

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Two officers were dispatched to a business in reference to a shoplifter on July 24. When the officers arrived, they were met by the store manager, who pointed at the subject she called about. The subject was walking away from them on an aisle, and the manager pointed at an object that was in the subject’s back right pocket. The subject then pulled the item out of his pocket and said that he was just putting stuff in his cart.

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The officers asked the subject for identification. The subject had an item that was in packaging belonging to the store, and the manager identified that item as the item being shoplifted. One officer went to put the suspect in handcuffs, and the suspect told the officers that he hadn’t left the store yet and he hadn’t done anything wrong. The officer finished putting the cuffs on the subject. The subject said he had put the item in his pocket so he could ask a question about it. The officer read him his Miranda rights. At this point, the suspect got loud again, stating that he had not stolen anything.

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During a body search, officers found a 1-inch square cellophane baggie with a miniscule amount of contents inside but not enough to be able to test. A further search of his person revealed another item in the store’s packaging.

As soon as he was being taken into custody, the suspect started saying that he needed to go to the hospital. While walking him out of the store, the suspect said he had not stolen anything and he was using profanity. When an officer told him to stop cursing, the subject said he had freedom of speech. All of this occurred in the presence of other customers in the store.

Later upon arrival at the medical facility, the subject used profanity again, also in the presence of others. The subject was medically cleared, taken to Bamberg County Detention Center, and charged with shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

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