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The following property transfers are on file at the Calhoun County Courthouse, Dec. 7, 2020 to January 24, 2021. 

  • Anthony Anderson to Janice L. Anderson, TMS 118-16-04-014, $5.
  • Abdur Muhammad and Khalifa Muhammad to Abdur Muhammad, TMS 183-00-00-053, $30,000.
  • Abdur Muhammad to Mamie Dangerfield, TMS 183-00-00-053, $30,000.
  • Mary O. Fersner, Joseph Julian Fersner, John David Fersner III, and Julia Sloan, Fersner Walker, to James R. Reed, TMS 150-00-00-015, $270,000.
  • Maria Paulette Shuler, Donnel Kendole Shuler, Don Shuler Riley, Shawanna Riley Feldser, Jennifer Riley Felder, Jennifer Riley Thomas, Gwendolyn Riley Mims, Denise Grate, and Hilton Riley, to Marvin Ridge LLC, TMS 070-00-03-004, $73,500.
  • John E. Fitts, Jr., Deborah S. Fitts, and Debrorah Fitts Hinkle, to David A. Lloyd and Ellen K. Lloyd, TMS 059-00-02-026 and 027, $109,000.
  • T. M. Rhode3s and Gary D./ Hunt to Cameron Lumber Company, TMS 150-00-00-039, $5.
  • Sarah Erline B. Wiles, Julian D. Wiles, Jr., and Julian Dukes Wiles, Sr., TMS b174-00-00-001, $5.
  • Michael Brantley to Alice F. Livingston, TMS 121-00-02-044, $16,000.
  • Tommie Sue Jones to Theodore E. Raymond , Jr., and Caroline G. Raymond, TMS 047-00-01-017, $262,815.
  • Sarah Erline B. Wiles, Julian D. Wiles, Jr., and Julian Dukes Wiles, to Sr. Jeffery M. Paulling, TMS 174-00-00-001, $90,000.
  • Jese Riley and Jesse D. Riley to Carol Albrecht Outlaw and Jessica Outlaw, TMS 130-03-07-011 and -018, $110.000.
  • Thomas B. Gressette to Calhoun County, TMS 118-00-00-024, $345.000.
  • Wallace E. Haigler to Wallace Haigler and Wallace E.. Haigler Revocable Trust, TMS 188-00-00-020, $10.
  • Michael L. Haigler and Virginia S. Haigler to Michael L. Haigler and Virginia S. Haigler, TMS 187-00-00-024, $10.
  • Joseph C. Haigler, Joe C. Haigler. And Joseph Carter aigler to Joseph Carter Haigler and Joseph Carter Haigler Revocable Trust, TMS 185-00-00-049/154-00-00-009/188-00-00-001/187-00-00-023/187-00-00-023/187-00-00-015/187-00-00-14,0-00-026/187-00-00-024/187-00-00-025/187-00-00-014/187-00-00-019/187-00-00-020/188-00-00-014, $10.
  • Joseph Ryan Haiger and Somer Lynn S. Haigler to Joseph Ryan Haiger and Somer Lynn S. Haigler, TNMS 187-00-00-025, $10.
  • ZAPO LLC to John Holloway, TMS 232-00-02-074, $27,900.
  • Vanessa Vielka De Danzine to Vanessa Vielka De Danzine and Dr. Vanessa Vielka De Danzine Trust, TMS 037-00-00-068, $10.
  • Randel S. Garvain to Claudia W. Paulling, TMS 130-04-02-014, $147,500.
  • Clarence Washington, Jr., Cecelie Wingfield, Kevin Washington, and Tanedra Washington, to Earline Huggins, TMS 069-00-04-039, $27,500.
  • Sean Michael Collins to Molli Anna Bush, TMS 053-00-02-049, $5.
  • Associated Renovators LLC to Jason T. Luna, TMS 134-00-00-022, $150,000.
  • Kelsey L. Vernon and Storey Vernon to Johnny C. Shirer, Jr., TMS 076-00-02-049,$15,000.
  • Daniel Hoefer to Quality Loss Construction LLC, TMS 067-00-00-062, $13,000.
  • Sharon Miller to Timothy L. Miller and Joyce Miller, TMS 178-00-00-016, $5.
  • Timothy L. Miller and Joyce Miller\ to Sharon Miller, TMS 178-00-00-016, $5.
  • Winifred K. Wannamaker to Claire W. McCunniff and Jo Ellen Wannamaker Ott, TMS 129-00-00-025, $5.
  • Daniel Hoefer to Jimmie R. Boyd, Jr., TMS 039-00-00-027, $3,000.
  • Jason Michael York and Christopher Thomas York to Elizabeth P. York, TMS 116-00-00-042, $5.00.
  • Johnny Rivers to Kiesha Rivers, TMS 044-00-00-046, $5.
  • E. B. Atkins to High Ridge Farm LLC, TMS 095-00-00-018, $200,000.
  • Fred H. Gantt, Jr. To Fred H. Gant III, TMS 080-0-02-034, $46,500.
  • Thomas F. Ulmer to Julie L. Ulmer, TMS 119-00-00-056, $15.
  • Vernia D. Backmon to Cornelius Backmon, Sr., TMS 181-00-02-059, $5.
  • Joshua Davis to Mildred Ann Green, TMS 118-09-06-001, $5.
  • Artemas Porcher Hane, Jr., and Cornelia Nelson Hane to Dreher Marion Hane, TMS 176-0001-005/177-00-00-003, $5.
  • Terry Black to Julian Ann Baldwin and Eric Brian Baldwin, TMS 158-00-000072, $5.
  • Martha C. Hammond, Susan Hammond, and Susan H. Moore, to James E. Warmoth, TMS 130-03-10-001 and -002, $475,000.
  • Charles R. Shannon to Rebecca K. Addy, Mark S. Geiger, Wilden M. Geiger,m and Mary C. Boroughs, TMS 014-00-02-011, $5.
  • Rebecca W. Turberville to Christopher Bryan Love, TMS 129-00-00-014, 350,000.
  • Bruce M. Melton to Richard C. Rasnik and Patricia M. Rasnik. TMS 231-13-00-020, $60,000.
  • James W. Fant, Jr. and Margaret M. Fant to James Wikes Fant, Jr., Margaret M. Fant, and The James Wilks Fant, Jr., and Margaret M,. Fant Revocable T rust, TMS 080-00-01-002, $10.
  • TRI AG Investments, LLC to Christopher Snyder and Amy Snider, TMS 076-00-00-029, $39,000.
  • Susan H. Cross and Andrew H. Cross to Susan H. Cross, TMS 130-03-08-006, $5.
  • Angela Glover and Sandra Glover to Eric Hampton and Samatra Hampton, TMS 080-00-02-002, $5.
  • Marion Hill and Yolanda Hill to Eric Hampton and Samatra Hampton, TMS 080-00-02-0)2, $5,000.
  • Edsel B. Jumper and Karen A. Jumper to Edsel B. Jumper and Karen A. Jumper, TMS 004-00-00-052 and -053, $1.
  • H. S. Management Group LLC and Silver Lining Corp. To BTW DG Investments LLC, TMS 031-00-00-045, $1.
  • BTW DG Investments LLC to H. P. Burt, KS B Trust, and LKS Management Inc., TMS 031-00-00-045, $1,474,00.
  • Ryan Scott to Charles Cook and Jennifer Cook, TMS 059-00-02-006, $60,000.
  • Charles L. Burton and Bobbie R. Butrton Trust to Charles R. Burton, TMS 014-00-02-007, $5.
  • George E. Stroman and Susan Stroman to Steven H. Sullivan and Nancy H. Sullivan, TMS 230-12-00-019, $453,000.
  • Katherine H. McClam and Marian P. Hicklin tom Mary Alyson Brown, TMS 118-14-06-008, $9,000.
  • Donald M. Phillips, Sr., and \Pamela D. Phillips to John R. Cantrell, Jr., and Lori E. Cantrell, TMS 127-00-03-015, $191,000.
  • Victor Gregg Marturano to River Tract Farm LLC, TMS 028-00-00-001, $5.
  • Kenneth T. Rickenbaker to Brantley Faulk and Madison M. Faulk, TMS 177-00-00-004, $77.500.

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