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The Bamberg Legal softball team recently took the division title against the Radio Shack team.

BAMBERG -- An undefeated Bamberg Legal “Darlings” softball team took the division title against the Radio Shack team in their final regular season game May 23 at the Ness Complex in Bamberg.

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Head coach Lesley Chavis Kinsey and her father, assistant coach Johnny led the team to its win. At the bottom of the first inning, Bamberg Legal’s first seven batters hit either singles or doubles.

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Throughout the game, Chavis modeled good sportsmanship by cheering for and encouraging all members of both teams. At the top of second inning, when the opposing team thought one of their batters had struck out, Chavis and Kinsey informed them that the batter had one more strike to go.

Chavis said, “I’ve been coaching for 33 years – ever since Lesley started playing ball.”

Kinsey follows in her dad’s footsteps. Her coaching style mirrors her father’s in many ways, but she also has a style of her own.

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“It’s a lot of hard work, but to see where they were from day one to now is great,” Kinsey said. “Their playing, attitudes and everything are so rewarding and wonderful.”

The final score was Bamberg Legal 7, Radio Shack 5. The next step for the team is the All-Stars.

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