Bamberg Job Corps student arrested for disorderly conduct
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Bamberg Job Corps student arrested for disorderly conduct

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Bamberg Police


Bamberg units were dispatched to Bamberg Job Corps on Dec. 2 in reference to a student being disruptive, throwing things and acting out.

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Upon arrival, an officer and a Bamberg County deputy made contact with the male subject, who was still visibly upset and at one point, walked over to a brick wall, starting banging his head on it and had his hands clenched together as if he were going to punch something or someone.

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While the officers were trying to calm the subject down to find out the reason for his behavior, the subject would calm down and then get upset, raise his voice and get defensive again. The subject was then placed in handcuffs to detain him in case he began to get out of control.

When the officers spoke with a campus officer, she informed them the subject came back to the center intoxicated and began throwing things, cursing and being belligerent. She also stated that he had damaged property at the center and that they could not get him to calm down. The subject reportedly bent the front gate, knocked over the medication box, knocked over the metal mailbox in front of the center and tried to rip a sign off of a wall outside.

The officers then spoke with the subject, who stated that he had gotten into an argument with a female student and she had “put her hands on him.” He said he wanted to speak with the director, but no one would call him, so he got upset and started arguing with staff.

Due to the staff stating the subject was intoxicated and his disruptive behavior, the subject was arrested and taken to jail without incident for public disorderly conduct and drunkenness.

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In other reports:

• Officers were dispatched to Bamberg Villa Apartments on Dec. 2 in reference to vandalism. When officers arrived, the apartment manager was speaking to a male subject. The subject said that he did not do anything, but he was yelling and acting belligerently, according to the report.

The officers could smell an odor of alcohol coming from the subject’s person. One officer tried to speak with the subject to find out if he was the one who caused the damage. The subject had allegedly broken out a window in his own apartment, and there was a black jacket on the ground near the window. There were no other objects near the window, and it appeared the subject wrapped his arm in the jacket and punched out the window.

The subject was arrested for public disorderly conduct due to him disturbing the peace in the apartment complex and being belligerent due to his excessive use of alcohol.

• While parked in his patrol car observing traffic at the traffic light on Nov. 30, an officer observed a pickup truck run a red light, so he initiated a traffic stop. Once stopped, the male driver immediately got out of his vehicle before the officer could get out of his patrol car.

The subject immediately told the officer that his issues with the tag for his truck were known by the police department and for the officer to not worry about it. The officer asked the subject for his driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. An assisting officer arrived on the scene, and the responding officer went to his vehicle to run the subject’s information through dispatch.

The results came back with a license plate that did not match the vehicle it was on, and the tag was suspended. Dispatch also confirmed the subject’s driver’s license was suspended. The subject was placed under arrest for first-offense driving under suspension and was issued a warning for disregarding a traffic signal.

• On Nov. 29, officers were dispatched to a convenience store in reference to a male going inside the store and saying he had been jumped by someone. The cashier stated the subject was very irate and causing a scene.

Upon officers’ arrival, the subject had left the store, and the cashier stated he had left on foot walking east on Highway 78. An officer spotted the subject, who had made it to U.S. 301 across from the court house. The subject walked over to the officer and told him that a male at a Presbyterian Street residence had jumped him.

Another officer went to the Presbyterian Street residence and spoke with the occupants. The occupants stated the subject had been over there and had been drinking liquor with them, but no physical altercation had taken place.

Earlier that evening, officers had been dispatched to South State Bank in reference to the subject stating he had been jumped as well. In that incident, the subject left and was yelling walking down the street and disturbing the peace. Officers did not pursue the subject on that incident.

The subject had stated that he had been jumped four different times that night by four different people. The subject smelled of alcohol but did not appear to be overly intoxicated. Due to the subject’s previous actions that evening and him being disorderly at the convenience store, he was arrested for public disorderly conduct and taken to jail.


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