Former state Rep. and CNN commentator Bakari Sellers has announced formation of the Opportunity Project of South Carolina, which aims to close the gaps plaguing South Carolina communities in quality-of-life areas including health care, education and technology.

Sellers will lead the organization, which is committed to narrowing the inequities for South Carolina’s citizens.

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At age 22, Sellers joined the South Carolina House of Representatives, making him the youngest African-American politician in the country. Hailing from Bamberg, Sellers launched Opportunity Project to help guide his home state in the direction of change.

“Rural communities across my home state and this country are plagued with enormous inequities and inequalities,” Sellers said. “Whether it be income inequality, or the lack of access to affordable health care, or the digital divide, we have to be far more intentional about how we go about closing those gaps and creating opportunity for the South Carolinians that need it most. The Opportunity Project is designed to help close those gaps.”

Through its own programming and capacity-building grants, Opportunity Project aims to bridge the gaps between South Carolinians and the rest of the world in the distinct areas of health care, education and technology.

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  • Health care: Opportunity Project will provide support to organizations and provide programming to address health disparities where communities throughout South Carolina suffer from heightened risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and mental illness, as well as gaps in accessing affordable health care.
  • Education: Opportunity Project will provide support to organizations and people who support South Carolina schools and students with the goal of providing equal education opportunities, regardless of economic status or zip code.
  • Technology: Opportunity Project will work with community-based organizations, local governments and schools to help provide the necessary technological skills and tools to succeed in modern society.

For more information on Opportunity Project of South Carolina, visit www.opportunityprojectsc.com.

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