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Millennials, lottery and socialism

As South Carolina plays its role in the race for the White House 2016, the popularity of socialist candidate Bernie Sanders has become a major topic.

In the 1990s, a popular Democratic talking point to push the expansion of state governments was to add a state-run bookie to run a numbers racket. Georgia started the trend, and by 2016, 43 states have such programs, with many of these boasted as “education lotteries” operated by the government “for the children.”

The campaigns were based on “Lottery for Education” claims, which suckered people in this state when the state turned left in 1998, eventually installing the wicked numbers racket. The numbers racket taught children the idea that hard work was not necessary, but luck would save the day for them.

Adding to that the modern left’s propaganda in textbooks, recommended by California’s elites of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Plus there is a poorly informed generation through the Soviet-style brainwashing that has given us a hatred of the virtues of the country via the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is now working aggressively for the Sanders campaign.

Consider that textbooks no longer teach the evils of communism as were taught to previous generations, and communism has been romanticized by popular culture and modern textbooks that fit Common Core, a national attempt to push “one size fits all” education that fails.

Consider the Hollywood elites who keep pushing communism’s virtues, and a push against the standards that we learned in the past. Add to that the entitlement trap as children are taught that government will provide everything, including education.

They are brainwashed into the idea that higher wage floors work when they do not, and are taught a hatred of Wall Street, where the percentage of Americans investing has dropped dramatically. They are also told government is best.

They are trained to support the ultimate socialist in Sanders because he promises them everything because those who work will pay everything while young people receive everything without needing to do anything — such as the state lottery.

But what the generation forgets about Sanders’ free-college dream is we’ve tried it with the state lottery. The result is lottery-funded undergraduate scholarships that many fail to keep. And those who are not under gambling scholarships — many out-of-state students and all graduate school students — will pay for the “free” scholarships given to a few.

How many know that? And how many people see that Sanders would want to increase taxes on investors — even entry-level workers who contribute to their companies’ employee stock-ownership programs (ESOP) or 401 (k) for investing in money-making stocks?

In addition, note the “too big to fail” attack on banks that has driven what are now Wells Fargo and Bank of America out of town, while South State is a shell of what it was in town, and First Citizens of Raleigh is considering its future in the market.

Has the teaching of socialist values in schools, especially with the state lottery teaching government is all they need, created a generation that is actively supporting a socialist in the White House? It would be a sham if this entire county shows overwhelming support for either of the two socialists running as Democrats for the White House in 2016.

— Hou-Yin Chang, Orangeburg


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