A riding lawnmower was stolen from an Orangeburg church's storage shed Tuesday night.

A 2011 green John Deere zero-turn riding lawnmower was stolen from St. George Baptist Church on Shillings Bridge Road.

Officers say it appears the mower was pushed behind the shed before being stolen.

The lawnmower was valued at $3,477.

In other reports:

• A Cordova resident said her Southwest Circle home was broken into Thursday.

The resident said while she was at work, a family member called to inform her that her front door was open and that a gray pickup truck was in her yard.

The front door was kicked in and several items were missing including: a 52-inch TV, a 32-inch Panasonic TV, an Xbox game system, Nike slippers and sneakers.

The items are valued at a total $1,117.

• A yellow trailer was stolen from a Cope residence sometime between Nov. 20 and Nov. 30.

The trailer has a wooden floor. It is valued at $2,500.