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The Glover Street and U.S. 301 bridges over the Edisto River in Orangeburg have been closed.

S.C. Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. Judd Jones announced the following closures:

* U.S. 301 North at Edisto Gardens.

“The bridge is out right there and at the Glover Street Extension,” he said, along with the Shillings Bridge Road and Highway 178 at SC-172.

“It’s shut down. We have detours in route in place of those locations,” he said.

The city of Orangeburg also reports U.S. 301 is blocked from Broughton Street to Shillings Bridge Road.

* I-95 at I-26 is also closed.

In Orangeburg, Department of Public Safety Lt. Walter Smoak said, “The only thing I can tell you right now is that the intersection of Stonewall Jackson and Glover, that is closed. Stonewall Jackson is actually closed from U.S. 301 all the way back to Murray Road near the airport,”

"And then Glover Street is closed between Cannon Bridge Road all the way up to Maple Street, and that's due to water coming through out of the Gardens out of the river,” he said. "We've got a couple of areas, Hillsborough, that we're watching right now.

While officials planned to close the U.S. 301 bridge over the Edisto in Orangeburg, they opted not to.

“That's about it. U.S. 301 at the bridge by the gardens is slow. There's some water on the road, but DOT has not elected to close that bridge at this time,” Smoak said.

"They have not elected to close that bridge; however, we are encouraging people to stay home,” he said.

The main concern for county emergency services personnel Monday were the North Fork of the Edisto River and the flooding of homes on or near the river.

The North Fork Edisto River at Orangeburg was forecast to reach major flood stage.

The river rose to above 12 feet before beginning to fall. The secondary roads near Orangeburg become flooded at stages above 12 feet. The record crest of the river was September 1, 1928 at 14.70 feet.

The river also crested at 14.28 feet on September 18, 1945.

Extensive farmland and lowlands downstream from Orangeburg will be flooded.

The total rainfall at the NWS Orangeburg reporting station for the three-day period beginning Friday was about 9.5 inches.

"All the neighborhoods in Orangeburg are okay now," Orangeburg County Emergency Services Director Billy Staley said.

Those who live on the area and homes around the river will be at most risk for flooding.

The area was under a flood warning and a flash flood watch.

Another ongoing concern Monday was wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour and their impact on trees. Moisture-laden soils were loosened due to downed trees.

Emergency crews were busy checking bridges and overpasses Monday. The U.S. 301 bridge over the Edisto River was closed as the river was overflowing its banks at the bridge.

Currently closed in Orangeburg County

• Begonia Road

• Forrest reek

Calhoun County

• MCcords Ferry Road

• Cameron Road

• Four Holes Road

• True Blue Road

• Community Club Road

• Sherlock Road

• Church Camp Road

• Tynah Road

• Sweetwater Road

• U.S. 321-Savannah Highway


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