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Orangeburg Dept.

of Public Safety

Someone broke into the Dollar Tree at 1270 John C. Calhoun Drive, stole cash from the safe and drowned the computers, according to an ODPS incident report.

A store manager called police at 8:44 a.m. Sunday after she entered the building and noticed the office door was open.

When she looked inside, she noticed that someone opened the safe.

Money drawers were pulled out and scattered about the office. The office computer was missing.

Officers asked her if the store had a security camera.

She told officers that a security camera was operating, but it was connected to the missing computer.

Another officer searched the store and discovered that someone placed three computers in the work sink, covering the drain.

The water was left running and was spilling onto the stockroom floor. It covered the computers.

The store manager confirmed that the computers were used for the store’s security system.

Officers removed the computers from the sink and collected evidence.

Dispatchers then advised officers that the Dollar Tree on North Road had also been burglarized.

Officers noted that the suspect appeared to have cut open the safe and removed $2,000.

Orangeburg County

Sheriff’s Office

Deputies allege they caught a 55-year-old Orangeburg man with marijuana, plus a stolen can of peanuts and ice cream sandwiches.

The clerk at the EZ Shop on St. Matthews Road reported Sunday night that a man walked out of the store without paying for items in his pockets.

Deputies found the suspect, who had a “big bulge in his front pockets,” the incident report states.

When deputies told him to stop, he replied, “I did not take anything out of the store,” the report said. Deputies say they had not yet told him why they asked him to stop.

As deputies patted him down for weapons, the suspect held a can of peanuts with the price sticker on the lid.

He told deputies that he took the peanuts from the store, the report said.

When deputies asked him if he took anything else, he told them there were more items in his pockets.

Deputies said they removed ice cream sandwiches and phone chargers from his pockets.

As deputies removed the items, drug paraphernalia fell from his right pocket, the report said.

Deputies alleged they seized “several baggies of marijuana” in addition to drug paraphernalia.

They arrested the man, transported him to the Orangeburg County Detention Center and issued to him tickets for simple possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


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