It’s National Newspaper Week and we’re celebrating by doing what we do best: Bring you local news.

We’ve told you how important it is in keeping the community informed that local journalism not only survive but prosper. Your support for the work that local reporters do is vital.

This National Newspaper Week, Oct. 6-12, is a good time to point out just how important the local newspaper is to an informed community.

Bill Rogers, executive director of the S.C. Press Association, the organization of the state’s daily and weekly newspapers, points out that a study just released shows local newspapers significantly outperform local TV, radio and online-only outlets in news production, both in overall story output and in terms of stories that are original, local and address a critical information need.

Consider The T&D’s reach with local journalism:

• Website total – 275,000 unique visitors, 2.25 million pageviews monthly.

• Mobile devices – 201,000 unique visitors, 1.5 million pageviews monthly.

• Social media – 20,215 Facebook followers, 3,234 Twitter followers.

• Print – 14,571 Sunday readership, 14,106 daily readership.

Based on the size of the audience alone, it is clear that local people consider local news important and know where to find it. Even so, there remain those declining to support local newsgathering even as they contend there is not enough local coverage. Reporters cannot work for free.

Some say newspapers won’t be around eventually in the information age. They are wrong. Amid an explosion of information available from so many sources today, there will continue to be a need for local journalists devoted to gathering credible local news. The way that news is presented continues to evolve, but it is important to people no matter how they receive the news.

Thanks for being a supporter of what we do.

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