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Orangeburg County schools prepared for students; ‘precautions on top of precautions’ in place

The halls and classrooms of Marshall Elementary School were silent and virtually empty Friday afternoon.

Orangeburg County School District tries out in-person teaching Official: Students, teachers seemed comfortable

The Orangeburg County School District held a trial run for in-person and virtual learning last Monday.

WATCH NOW: With 30 employees out, COVID-19 puts pressure on staffing at RMC

The Regional Medical Center is utilizing outside or contract workers as about 30 of its own salaried employees are out due to coronavirus-related issues.


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COMMENTARY: What will happen to world economies after the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously damaged the economies of most of the world. After months of lockdown, most people are afraid to go out or are unable to work and this has created frustration and anger.

COMMENTARY: Orangeburg emergency remains

I want to reiterate that all decisions regarding the path forward for Orangeburg during the novel coronavirus pandemic will be thorough and measured and, most important, in the best interest of all citizens.

COMMENTARY: COVID-19 pandemic: Fast forward 3-6 months

The current pandemic of COVID-19 has gripped the world with apprehension and has evoked a scare of epic proportion regarding its potential to spread and infect humans at global scale.

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