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Dogs and puppies

  • Stella, a 10-week-old female Hound-mix, needs some gentle guidance (case 0336).
  • Dixie, a 6-month-old Terrier-mix, is sweet as sugar and just a little sassy (case 0335).
  • Ziva, a 10-week-old female Lab-mix, is a perfect little lady (case 0332).
  • Amber, a 10-week-old female Lab-mix, just wants to have fun (case 0331).
  • Deuce, a 10-week-old male Australian Shepherd-mix, is the life of the party (case 0330).
  • Misty, a 2-year-old female Hound-mix, wants to be your constant companion (case 0328).
  • Angel, an 11-week-old female Carolina-mix, has a pretty brindle coat (case 0327).
  • Denver, a 10-month-old male Cur-mix, looks like a German Shepherd (case 0323).
  • Brandi, a 3-month-old female Lab-mix, thinks everything is meant for play (case 0320).
  • Buffy, a 3-month-old female Lab-mix, loves baths and belly rubs (case 0319).
  • Bodie, a 10-week-old male Border Collie/Lab-mix, thinks everything is meant for play (case 0314).
  • Hess, a 15-month-old male Shepherd/Boxxer-mix, has a gorgeous brindle coat (case 303).
  • Fiona, a 13-month-old female Chocolate Lab-mix, wants to be your best friend (case 0301).
  • Winter, a 10-month-old female Shepherd/Lab-mix, loves treats and toys (case 0269).
  • Autumn, a 3-month-old female Hound-mix, is a perfect little lady (case 252).
  • Luna, an 18-month-old female Lab-mix, who loves to cause trouble (case 0267).
  • Layla, a 4-year-old female Setter-mix, has a face that will melt your heart (case 0234).
  • Niko, a 7-month-old male Lab/Terrier-mix, will make you smile (case 225).
  • Kelly, a 12-month-old Carolina-mix, is trusting and playful (case 170).
  • Suzy, a 2-year-old female Walker-mix, is a little stubborn (case 0130).
  • Tara, a 10-month-old brown-and-black Shepherd-mix, loves treats and toys (case 0105).

Cats and kittens

  • Storm, a 3-month-old gray-and-white male, is always getting into trouble (case 0326).
  • Bethel, a 7-month-old female muted tortie/tabby-mix, has a very unique coloring (case 0325).
  • Oreo, a 13-month-old black-and-white female, who loves to play (case 324).
  • Hope, a 3-month-old orange-and-white female, thinks everything is fun (case 0299).
  • Carly, a 10-week-old gray female, loves to snuggle (case 0293).
  • Kiki, a 10-week-old gray female, gets into everything (case 0292).
  • Wilkins, an 8-week-old orange-and-white male, thinks the world revolves around him (case 0285).
  • Ripley, a 3-month-old male tabby, loves to play (case 276).
  • Lisa, a 3-month-old tabby ASH, is frisky and playful (case 186).
  • Skittles, a 10-week-old tabby ASH who is full of curiosity (case 184).
  • Sassy, a 10-week-old black-and-white ASH who is just like her name implies (case 175).
  • Patches, a 1-year-old black-and-white female, is very sweet (048).
  • Watson, a 1-year-old male tabby, thinks he's a lover (case 0490).
  • Casey, a 1-year-old black female, is sweet and playful (case 0191).
  • Jenny, a 2-year-old black female who likes to look out the window (case 0062).
  • Chloe, an 2-year-old black female who wants so much for a family of her own (case 0063).

The shelter is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the first and third Saturdays. The shelter is located at 225 Ruf Road. For more information, call 803-536-3918. Visit, our interactive website at and our Facebook page at Orangeburg SPCA to view available adoptions. You can email any questions to

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