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Neck Pillow or Inflatable Pillow

An inflatable pillow or neck pillow can be the best thing you bring on board with your carry-on items, giving plane seats need an extra touch of comfort for ultimate relaxation. We recommend the Kmall Inflatable Neck Pillow for it’s convenience, comfort, and portability.

Eye Cover

Having an eye covering can make a huge difference in comfort when flying, giving you a comfortable “lights out” feel at your convenience, and not when the flight attendant decides to turn off the lights. These can also save you from your neighbor who decides to turn on their reading light when you’re trying to get some sleep.

Noise Cancelling Headphones and/or Ear Plugs

Noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs are a must-have on those red-eye flights, especially because planes are so loud. If you’re stuck over the engine or you’re on a flight with a baby, these ear plugs can be a real life saver. For music lovers, our pick noise cancelling headphone pick is the Aluratek Bluetooth Headphones, which are wireless and bluetooth compatible for optimal comfort and style.

USB Charger and Cable

A USB cable is essential to charge your electronics while on a flight, especially a long one. Most newer planes have USB chargers and they will keep your phone charged, but not in a timely manner. That’s when having a portable USB battery is a great item to have when traveling. Especially during layovers and in between flights- you don’t want to get stuck with a dead phone! Here are some of the best USB cords and USB batteries you can get right now.

Sanitizing Wipes

You never know what germs are lurking in your plane seats, so make sure to bring some sanitizing wipes to clean your seat and tray table before taking off to ensure cleanliness. Sanitizing wipes can also come in handy when using the on-board bathrooms that are usually small and difficult to wash your hands in.



This may seem like a give in, but it is always important to keep your passport on you no matter where you are traveling. Even if your flight isn’t international, the extra ID will come in handy and prevent any identification issues that may arise, should there be one.


It’s always a good idea to keep some snacks on hand while flying. A lot of the airlines make you pay for sub-par food on their flights, and sometimes peanuts and pretzels just don’t cut it on those 3+ hour flights.



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