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Dogs and puppies

Pepper, a 7-week-old male Border Collie-mix, is a little fluff ball (case 0453).

Aussie, a 15-month-old male Australian Cattle dog (Blue Heeler)-mix, has the ideal temperament (case 0451).

Rocket, n 8-month-old male Chihuahua, is the brother of Honey and is very playful (case 0450).

Honey, an 8-month-old female Chihuahua, is very shy (case 0449).

Cosmo, a 6-month-old male German Shepherd/Husky-mix, has a beautiful plush coat (case 0448).

Rea, an 18-month-old female Lab-mix, is on the smaller side (case 0447).

Dasher is a 3-month-old female Lab-mix with a brindle coat (case 0427).

Noel. a 3-month-old female Hound-mix, is as sweet as sugar (case 0421).

Sprite, a 5-month-old female Dalmatian-mix, is not very spotted (case 0418).

Clash, an 18-month-old male Lab-mix, is a handsome young man (case 0414).

Tandy, a 1-year-old female Collie-mix, is housebroken, good with kids and knows basic obedience (case 0410).

Clyde, a 10-week-old male German Shepherd-mix, is pocket sized (case 0386).

Velma, a 10-week-old female Lab-mix, is as sweet as sugar (case 0377).

Timber is a 6-month-old male Terrier-mix with radar ears (case 0353).

Rumor, a 12-week-old Australian Cattle dog-mix, is super sweet but shy (case 0293).

Driggs, a 12-week-old male Beagle-mix, is very shy and needs a patient owner (case 0283).

Anastasia, a 15-month-old female Plott Hound-mix, is a perfect lady (case 0240).

Dusty, a 9-month-old female Hound-mix, was found tied to the shelter fence (case 0300).

Cats and kittens

Travis, an 8-week-old male gray tabby, will purr to you (case 0452).

Tabitha is a 5-month-old medium-haired female with very unique markings (case 0403).

Tara, a 4-month-old female tortie, loves belly rubs (case 0399).

Purrkins, a 4-month-old black male, is blind in one eye (case 0398).

Crosby, a 4-month-old gray tabby, loves to play (case 0390).

Kiki , a 10-week-old female diluted calico DLH, needs some TLC (case 0385).

Snarf, a 10-week-old male DLH gray tabby, is just a little shy (case 0384).

Skittles, a 3-year-old gray tabby, wants a new forever home (case 0376).

Sukie, a 7-week-old female gray tabby, is a little sassy (case 0373).

Snow, a 7-year-old white DMH female, is friendly and loving (case 0351).

Oreo, an 18-month-old black-and-white female, is very playful and loving (case 0332).

Hunter, a 9-month-old male brown tabby, will be a big boy (case 0316).

Chloe, a 1-year-old black-and-white female, is playful and affectionate (case 0311).

Missy, a 1-year-old black-and-white female, is very sweet and docile (case 0253).

Chessie, a 10-month-old female tabby, thinks she's a dog (case 0219).

Twiggy, a 19-week-old female tortie, is a diva in the making (case 0192).

Jinx, a 10-month-old orange male, loves to be held (case 0024).

The Orangeburg SPCA adoption hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and the first and third Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We are located at 225 Ruf Road and our phone number is 803-536-3918. Check out our available adoptions on the internet at, our interactive website at and our Facebook page at Orangeburg SPCA. The adoption center will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 2.


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