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How to pick the best card games for your kids
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How to pick the best card games for your kids

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Board games have been bringing families together for years, ranging from everything from board-based word play games to strange, complex, card games with props.

Card games can help boost your children’s critical thinking skills while entertaining them at the same time. Choosing the right card game for your kids means finding one with easy-to-understand rules, as well as engaging action.

Our buying guide outlines things to think about for finding the best card game for kids — and maybe even the entire family — and includes recommendations on three children's card games to try.


The best card games for kids should be easy to understand, but still offer a challenge to keep things interesting.

Age level‌

Choosing an age-appropriate game is essential. Not only is safety an issue (games that include small pieces can be a choking hazard), but the games won’t be very entertaining if they’re too complicated or not difficult enough. Some card games may also contain themes or topics that are inappropriate for children of a certain age.

Number of players‌

Some card games can be fun with just two people, but others may require four or more people to play. For a family, select a game that’s suitable for at least three to four players.

Luck vs. strategy‌

Younger kids typically do better with luck-based games, but card games that call for a combination of luck and strategy are usually the most entertaining.

Replay value‌

Some card games can be played over and over without being too easy for your kids to predict. Games that feature questions or multiple-choice options can have limited replay value.

Look into if those games offer expansion packs, to give new life to the game. Most expansions fit the game’s general theme, but may feature a specific theme that might appeal to your kids.

Educational focus‌

While games are meant to be fun, they can teach your kids something, too. Some games can teach number or color recognition, while others help boost memory or math skills. If your children are struggling in a specific area, look for a game that can help strengthen those skills.

Furthermore, card games can help kids learn to follow rules and take turns, and as kids get better at a particular game, it can help build their confidence.


If your kids have specific interests, look for a card game that caters to them. You can find options like movie characters, princesses, animals or race cars.

Ease of play‌

Card games for kids shouldn’t have overly complicated or excessive rules. The best ones are easy for kids to understand but still offer a challenge to keep things interesting.

Younger kids usually have shorter attention spans, so choose a game with just a few basic rules and a short playtime. Look for card games that take about 10 minutes to complete a round.

Other pieces‌

Some card games use more than just cards for gameplay and include other items like a game board, game pieces and/or electronic accessories. These extras often add to the gameplay, so your kids may enjoy them even more.


Some card games for kids cost under $10, while games with accessories and other pieces run between $10 and $20. For themed card games, expect to pay more.

Three card games to try:

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