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Zyques Washington has been working as a model since he was 3 months old.

One word can be used to describe Denmark resident Zyques Washington: Versatile.

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Washington, 15, is a junior at S.C. Virtual Charter School. Being a high school student has not stopped him from fulfilling his life dreams. He has been working as a model since he was 3 months old. 

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Born in Aiken and raised in Columbia, he is proud to be a South Carolinian. He has been featured in various magazines and has performed a tribute to rap group Kris Kross.

His talents range from winning spelling bee competitions to singing, dancing, acting and rapping. He has also been featured on the Fox television miniseries "Shots Fired" and the HBO series “Vice Principals” as a voiceover. 

Washington, whose musical stage name is Kasino, was recently accepted to perform at BET's Hip Hop Awards Weekend, in Atlanta. 

One thing is for sure, Washington stays active in his craft.

His tenacity has led him to own his own businesses.

He owns a music studio, StormKing Productions, is an independent artist and will soon launch his upcoming brand, URR.

In his spare time, he likes to serve and give back to his community.

Washington has protested for Black Lives Matter and volunteers to feed the homeless and raise money to ensure that they have blankets. He also reads books to residents at local nursing homes.

Washington's parents, Lishawn Moore and Ty'e Washington, have expressed how elated they are with their son’s success.

"I'm proud of his achievements over the years and how humble and grateful he is for the many blessings,” Moore said. “What is truly outstanding is that Zyques wants to help others reach their dreams and goals. 

“As a mother to a son who has no limits, to reach above and beyond shows the integrity I have instilled in him. I believe he learned early by watching me continue my journey in a wheelchair after my car accident,” she said.

She added, “My son has a big heart -- he likes to make others days better by serving, all while still being a teen who loves to play sports and hang out with family and friends when free time is available. His grandmother always said he will become a prodigy in his time. The Lord's plan never fails but manifests greatness in oneself who puts Him first.”

Washington gives thanks to his grandfather and family for the love and support on his journey. He wants to remind others of his quote that pushes him daily: "To accomplish anything, you must first visualize it and then work on bringing it to reality," his mother said.

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