The Orangeburg Assembly held its 59th annual Debutante Ball on Dec. 28 at the Orangeburg Country Club. Prior to the ball, a reception was held.

Members and guests were greeted at the door by Mr. and Mrs. John Stafford Bryant, then received by Mrs. John Francis Brailsford III, president; Mrs. Warren Ramsey Albergotti, vice-president; the debutantes and sponsors. Following the presentation, the debutantes were honored with a formal dinner and dance.

Two daughters and one granddaughter of Assembly members were presented: Miss Annie Blair Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harris Benjamin Davis Jr., escorted by Cadet Weston Brown Davis; Miss Katherine Hastings Holley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ashton Holley, escorted by Cadet Aaron Clayton Causey; Miss Caroline Porter Kirven, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Sheldon Cohen, escorted by Mr. Conner Alexander Greene.

Also presented were Miss Madison Larae Pinson, niece of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ramsey Albergotti, escorted by Mr. Cole Anderson Taylor; Miss Evangeline Lee McLean was presented by Mr. and Mrs. John Francis Brailsford III and escorted by Mr. Coleman Robert Bryant.

One nephew of an Assembly member attended his first ball. Mr. Campbell Gray Mock, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Craig Burleson, escorted Miss Ashby Kathleen Kasarjean.

Special guests of the Assembly were the returning daughters and sons of the 2018 Assembly ball. They were Miss Donna Aubrey Roberts and Mr. James Snyder Williamson III.

Board members planning the 2019 Assembly ball were Mrs. John Francis Brailsford III, president; Mrs. Warren Ramsey Albergotti, first vice president; Mrs. Christopher Thomas Thoma, second vice president; Mrs. Matthew Burleson, secretary; Mrs. Chester Manning Kearse Jr., treasurer; Mrs. Edward Regis Gladd, publicity and floor.

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