North students become 'living historians' during pandemic
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North students become 'living historians' during pandemic

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NORTH — During distance learning due to COVID-19, students of North Middle/High School in North, South Carolina, engaged in project-based learning centered around learning about the pandemic.

'The English and social studies departments teamed up to empower students in grades 6-12 into become “living historians,” documenting accounts of the pandemic and reflecting on their own unique perspective. One of the projects was for students to write an editorial related to the pandemic.

Below are a few of the accounts written by students.

The NBA suspending the season

By NOAH COLEMAN, NHS 6th grader

Would you rather have NBA players risk their lives to just entertain people or keep themselves and their family safe? Some people think that the NBA should still be going on, despite all the COVID-19 chaos. I strongly believe that the NBA should resume when COVID-19 is controlled. Some background on the issue is that, over a month ago, Rudy Gobert was diagnosed with the Coronavirus and infected his teammate, Donovan Mitchell. As a result, all games were canceled, and some people didn’t like the decision.

First, the cancellation of the season helps protect NBA players. The suspension helps protect the NBA players because it’s a very physical and close-knit sport, and that can lead to the spread of the virus. Another disadvantage is that you can’t social distance on the court. Finally, the teams travel across the world, and that increases the risk of them becoming infected and spreading COVID-19.

Secondly, the cancellation of the season helps protect fans and workers. The suspension helps protect fans and workers because fans are usually very close together, and that can spread the virus. Also, workers are sometimes very close to players, and this can lead to the spread of it. Lastly, the more people around, the more breath in the air; if someone has COVID-19, a lot of people are going to be at risk for COVID-19.

In conclusion, the NBA is making the best decision for everyone involved. The players, workers, fans, families, and others will remain safe during this critical time. Don’t lose hope, because Adam Silver said they will play games "when public health officials give us the OK."

What's Best?


Should the governor have kept the schools closed the remainder of the year? I say yes, because even when there isn't a pandemic going, on the spread of illness is at an all-time high. Most kids get sick at least twice a month while in school.

On April 22, 2020, Governor McMaster decided to keep schools closed throughout the remainder of the year in order to try to control the spread of COVID-19. The virus may not be as dangerous to children, but by them staying out of school, it can help them not get it and take it home to older relatives.

To start off the reasons why I think he made the best decision, the first reason is because schools have a lot of people and they are just too close to each other. The closer you are, the easier it is to spread germs. Also, kids come to school when they are sick and need to stay home. Another thing is that it's hard to keep the school clean throughout the day when everyone is there.

Some more reasons are that most kids may be asymptomatic, meaning they have the sickness but don't show symptoms, but can still spread it to others. Something that makes the virus easy to spread is that some students don't practice good hygiene, so it is easy for them to spread germs and not know or mean to do it.

With that being said, I think the governor made the right choice. Will everyone agree? No, but in the end, the only thing that matters is everyone's safety and wellness. Students being home will not stop the spread of COVID-19, but it will help. In times like this, we all need patience and understanding to get through these difficult times

Staying happy and healthy

By TYLIK JACKSON, NHS 6th grader

The COVID-19 pandemic is making people stressed more than they usually would be. I am not saying that it is not serious, but we should not be so worried that we give up on life.

We are going through a tough time, but we need to stay positive by doing what we love. I mean, there is no reason to be around the house being sad. So, cheer up and have FUN at home. Here are a few reasons why:

Reason #1: Stress is not good for your body. Stress is not good for your body because it can cause your blood pressure to rise and can cause heart disease. It is not good for your mind either, because you will think you are going crazy. According to a mind and mental health study conducted by Touro University Worldwide, stress can kill brain cells and make the brain smaller.

Reason #2: You can get depressed. Depression can lead you turn to drugs or alcohol. In addition, your sleep patterns are thrown off, and you will not eat healthy. You will not be able to think straight.

It should be noted that there are many ways to stay happy and healthy.

Exercise is a wonderful way to stay happy and healthy at the same time. Physical activities help to get rid of bacteria from the lungs and airways. This can cut back your chance of getting a cold, flu, or other illness. It can keep you busy and can make you happy.

Just like exercise, sleep is an important way to stay happy and healthy. During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep. For instance, if you are feeling bad, you can take a nap and you will wake up content. With that in mind, I suggest you get plenty of rest.

On the other hand, if you need to feel connected, there is Facebook and Instagram. They have live videos so that you can see and talk with friends and family in real time. It is called social media. If you are not familiar with social media, then a friendly conversation over the phone will do.

Finally, I suggest prayer. Prayer is an effective way to help others when you cannot see them. Praying for others can help take your mind off ourselves. This is an excellent time to go all in with faith in God. If we stay in touch with God, then everything will be alright!!!!!!

In conclusion, these are just some ways you can stay happy and healthy while we go through this tough time with COVID-19. May these words encourage you to stay happy and healthy, my friends.

The government's response


The Coronavirus is a virus that started in China and can be spread among humans very easily. It affects the respiratory system, resulting in difficulty breathing. In more serious cases, hospitalization is required. It is showing to be particularly deadly in older people and those with pre-existing health problems. The Coronavirus was given the official name COVID-19 (Coronavirus-2019). The government made a smart decision to close public places in order to prevent people from spreading the virus. This response is working to flatten the curve and limit the impact of the virus. The government is working to protect its citizens by encouraging social distancing, closing public places, and limiting public gatherings.

The government asked people to social distance through internet ads and press conferences. They also asked people to limit interaction with other people and self-isolate if sick. The “six foot” policy was recommended by the government to help remind people to stay at least 6 feet away from each other. This will prevent people from getting COVID-19.

In March, the governor declared a State of Emergency for South Carolina and closed most public places to help slow the spread of the virus. Amusement parks, movie theaters, restaurant dining rooms, and schools have all been closed to prevent people from going places. Some people would like to begin opening public places, but this could make things worse by increasing the number of infected. This could also kill a lot more people, even in a single day.

The government should continue to promote social isolation by keeping public places closed. Opening public places too early could increase the number of people infected, which could cause more deaths. During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, cities like New York were able to flatten the curve by quickly enacting lockdown measures and not letting up until it was safe to do so. Philadelphia, on the other hand, held a big parade before it was safe to do so. Just three days after the parade, all of the Philadelphia hospitals were filled with sick patients again, and thousands died. The best thing we can do during this current COVID-19 pandemic is stay indoors, be six feet away from each other, and don’t go shopping or order “take out” every day.

How the Black Death is similar to COVID-19


Have you ever thought about how the Coronavirus might be like the Black Death? Think about it: the Black Death has killed an estimated 25 million people worldwide. Coronavirus has killed 234k. Some people said the Black Death is nowhere near like the COVID-19. Keep on reading, and you will find out why there are some similarities between the Black Death and COVID-19.

One thing they have in common is funeral homes are running much slower. During the Black Death, people were put on the side of the road or in a mass grave. They are starting to put bodies in mass graves like they did during the Black Death. Now, the government says you can have a funeral, but no more than 10 people at the gathering.

Another thing these two pandemics have in common is where they came from. The Black Death started in china. That sounds a lot like COVID-19, because coronavirus also started in China. One more similarity is how people got the virus. People got the Black Death and the Coronavirus from small animals such as bats.

Some people might think they have nothing in common because of how many deaths the Black Death caused. Because the Black Death caused an estimated 25 million deaths. And the coronavirus has only killed 234,000 so far. However, I think the Coronavirus might get a lot worse, but I still don't think it is going to get as bad as the Black Death.

Those are some reasons why I think the Coronavirus might get a lot like the Black Death. Other people think the Coronavirus might not get that bad. I guess all we can do is wait and find out, because no one knows but God.

The effects on schools because of COVID-19

By AKIA McFADDEN, NHS 6th grader

COVID-19 is causing children and youth to get taught improperly because of school closures. Do you know over 95% of children are out of school because of COVID-19? It is important to take count to avoid the pause of education and bond access to distance learning at home as well as the children with no internet or with a disorder. In my editorial, I'm going to tell you why COVID-19 has had a negative effect on children’s education.

Children are not going to get the proper understanding they need with all their assignments. Do you know 31% of parents don’t help their children with their work? 46% of families have both parents working full-time jobs and cannot be there when their child/children need help. If the child can't learn on the internet with their teacher's assistance, they will not know what to do. Other children might give up because they're not getting the proper help they need. This might cause them to drop out of school, or not take their work seriously.

More than 11 million children around the U.S live in food insecurity, and 87% of it is in the South. Children depend on schools to get food when they don’t have any at home. Almost 40 million people live in poverty, and over 13% are children. Hunger affects the ways children think. Kids who live with food insecurity may learn less and get lower grades. It may cause stress, too.

In conclusion, COVID-19 has a bad effect on school education. Food insecurity and kids getting taught improperly are not the only negative effects on schools. COVID-19 has put children out of schools worldwide and must stay home until further notice. Some kids cannot afford to be home because of the lack of food and understanding schoolwork. This leads to hunger and dropping out of school. Stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!

Why we should stay isolated


I am writing about how I think that we should be in isolation a bit longer. I know we want to get out and have fun, but we still have a virus on our hands. From the looks of it, we can either just stay home or go out and possibly get the virus and risk death. Here is my explanation for why we should be quarantined a bit longer.

First of all, people are still dying from this disease, and the CDC says we could stop COVID with isolation. However, people are not using their common sense and going out to party, cough on people, and lick random objects. These are just a few of the reasons why we should be in isolation for a bit longer. While in isolation, a dozen of the world’s leading experts on fighting epidemics say that travel restrictions should be extended and that productions of ventilators and masks should be accelerated, and this could help the people who have to leave their houses for shopping (for necessary items) or for those who still have a job. The New York Times also wrote that, if people would actually listen and stay in their house, quarantine would work. Some governors are forcing people to stay home in some places and are actually helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus. If we listen, this could be over soon.

In conclusion, we (as in everybody in the world) need to stop being ignorant. We all hate the government sometimes -- trust me, we do -- but if our lives are at stake and they are at least trying to stop the spread of COVID-19, we should listen. You don’t have to stop hating them, but listen to the safety precautions so you don’t kill yourself and others by being doltish.


Better Solutions to COVID

By DAVION MARTIN, NHS 7th grader

There needs to be a way to not shut businesses down during COVID-19. So, that's why I say the government must provide money to produce hazard suits for workers. That way, these workers can still earn money to provide food and water for their families and afford to pay their bills, like car and rent payments. Also, this will help to keep businesses booming.

If the government didn't wish to provide these suits, it would be best for workers to create the suits themselves. Being in a suit may have you feeling isolated, but it will be just for work, meaning you can take it home because it's yours, but you would have to wash it yourself. So, besides being in a protected suit, you can still work. This means businesses will be forced to open back up and workers can make up all the money that they have been missing for job absence.

Knowing that you have still have to social distance, this is a better idea than wearing masks because we don't know a lot about how this virus enters the body. When you wear a mask, it could maybe enter through your ears or your pores, not to mention it can also enter through the cracks of the mask. So, to keep the virus from entering the body unexpectedly, hazmat suits are the way to go.

The importance of everyone doing their part

By TYLOR OAKES, NHS 8th grader

Everyone has a part in in this pandemic and should take it seriously, even if it is just staying at home to stop the spread. On the Live PD show, people were not taking it seriously, and they were protesting on the street and not social distancing, which could cause more people to get sick.

This topic is very important, because most people that don’t work in the medical field and are out of work don’t take social distancing seriously. They are not doing their part to help stop the spread. People should at least try to stay home and stay safe instead of going out and end up getting sick.

People should just stay home unless they must leave, not just leave their home for no reason, because it’s a great risk that can result in sickness or even death. There are a lot of people who do stay home and try their best to help, but there's also people who go into stores without masks, or people who don’t care about getting sick. We as a united country should all do our part to stop this pandemic so we can move on.

Following health guidelines

By KEINYA SCOTT, NHS 8th grader

For the past two months or more, we have been on dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. We have been in quarantine, and we are supposed to be social distancing. At one point in time, the state was shut down! Everything was closed, and you had to stay six feet away from people for your health if anything was open.

Everything has changed! However, during this time, not many people have been listening to our governor, Mr. McMaster. People are still out partying having fun and not following the social distancing guideline. Churches have still been open instead of shutting down, and even schools were shut down. But, now that the state of South Carolina has opened back up, people think everything is back to normal when it’s not. You still have to stay social distanced and follow all health guidelines. A church in North was still opened up through this pandemic and had to shut down because they had a case of the Coronavirus.

Over 30 people weren’t following health guidelines, went to the beach, and got Coronavirus. My point is just because the state has opened back up doesn't mean that it is okay to walk around like everything is normal, without a mask or gloves!! My other point is don’t think you can’t get the virus or don’t think because the state has opened back up that everything is okay. PLEASE, follow all social distancing rules and health guidelines, and always remember to stay happy, hopeful, and safe.

Time kill

By CARLEE CHAVIS, NHS 8th grader

The best way to kill time during this pandemic is to donate to or volunteer for your community. Volunteering is important because it helps keep our community clean and tidy. Citizens should care about volunteering and donating because we are all a community, and some aren't as fortunate as others, so we should help each other out.

I spoke with a local resident of my community, and her opinion was the same as mine. She believes donating can impact the world in many ways. She creates mask for residents. She volunteers by going to grocery stores for neighbors.

My plan is to volunteer or donate my time at least twice a week. I highly recommend staying at least six feet away from strangers. This is a great time to take advantage of family time. Remember to donate, volunteer, and stay safe!

To open or not to open


I think the only places that should be allowed to be open are stores, hospitals, and places of necessity. During this pandemic, I think we should keep schools, beaches, and other entertainment places closed. I think it would be a bad idea and spread the virus quickly to open non-essential places.

Coronavirus spreads easily from person to person. An infected person can spread droplets in the air up to six feet by coughing or sneezing. It is important to remember a person can carry the virus and not show symptoms. Many are not getting tested due to the limited number of tests. It is the CDC’s recommendation to social distance six feet to slow the spread. Opening businesses and allowing people to be inside a small space could limit the six feet social distancing rule.

Pandemics, like the Black Death, got worse because of people living and being so close to others who were sick. If we open schools and other places back up too soon, this virus could get to even more people and possibly children. Because Coronavirus is an extreme respiratory disease, it is easily spread. The elderly and those with underlying health issues are at the greatest risk of not being able to recover.

I feel only essential places should open, like grocery stores and hospitals. Even when visiting essential places, it is important to remember this virus is easily spread. You should not take your whole family out to these places just because they are open. Go alone, social distance, sanitize, and wash your hands. Other places are not as important and should remain closed. Keep this virus from spreading to others and yourself by staying home, and if you must go out, wear gloves, a mask, and other protection. STAY SAFE, STAY HOME. The life you save may be your own.

What should be open?

By ETHAN JUAREZ, NHS 8th grader

During the COVID-19 pandemic, only grocery stores and healthcare offices should be open. Suppliers of these facilities need to be open also. Places that are not necessary to life should remain closed like salons, barber shops, and theaters. It is smart to use food delivery services at this time.

My mom works in healthcare at a chiropractor’s office. Her job is essential because she helps people in pain, but by doing this she is at risk for getting COVID-19. It is important that people should understand how dangerous it is by going to places where you can get the virus.

We can stop the spread of COVID-19 and get rid of it by staying at home as much as possible. By having places open that are not necessary, it increases the spread of the virus and there will be more deaths. So, let’s enjoy our time at home with our families where we are all safe.


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