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A collection of new lunchboxes are pictured.

A new lunchbox is one of the more fun back-to-school purchases you can make, and a cool one can be a bright spot in your kid's day.

These days, there are loads of choices, some simple, some with lots of bells and whistles.

"There are so many more options for insulation than there were even a few years ago, which means parents have a lot more possibilities for what they can pack," says Cori Snyder Schuman, founder of the Family Food Fest event. 

Lisa Freedman, lifestyle director at thekitchn.com, says lunchboxes "have so many smart features these days — like walls packed with gel that stays cool for hours, special compartments that are truly leakproof, expandable sections and more."

Just some of the latest from lunchbox designers:

1. Vaya Life Tyffyn Lunchbox

These are sleek little numbers with many different looks; an ombre pink finish, a flower-studded Bloom version, or whimsical unicorns prancing all around, to name a few. Each vacuum-insulated lunchbox has metal inner walls and two containers that keep warm food warm and cold food cold.  There is an insert to separate foods within the containers. The whole thing snaps closed with metal latches to prevent leakage, and will keep your food at the desired and safe temperature for several hours. The inner containers are dishwasher safe. 

2. Takenaka Bento Boxes

This Japanese line of boxes has sleek, clean lines and a bright array of colors from which to choose. They come in a variety of shapes, including round and rectangular. Some have dividers to keep foods separate, some have clip locks, and some have a thick elastic band to keep the container closed. The bottoms are microwavable and they are all dishwasher-safe. 

3. OmieBox

This chunky square container in bright primary colors is an insulated, leak-proof bento box designed especially for younger kids. It has two temperature zones to keep foods hot or cold. The hot-food insert has a clever, screwable lid with a handle designed for little hands. The OmieBox itself is not heatable or freezable.

4. Planet Box

Planet Box comes in three sizes: small (Shuttle), medium (Rover) and large (Launch). Each industrial-looking metal box has several compartments inside and one or two "Dippers" — inserts designed to contain wet foods without leakage. Once you've chosen your box, you then select a carrying bag from an array of color and pattern choices. Lots of mix and match combos. Cold foods only.

5. Built

Built makes many lunch-toting options. There are cute lunch backpacks for little kids; bento boxes with three compartments, silverware and small containers for dressings; a prime lunch bag with stacked zippered insulated compartments; machine-washable flower lunch totes; an insulated lunch bag with freezable gel inserts that converts in size; and insulated thermoses. 

6. Bento Heaven

These compact, rectangular boxes are leak-proof, microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and come with their own cutlery in a little top compartment — knife, spoon and fork, plus chopsticks. The design is simple, appealing to older kids, with bamboo accents and a choice of white or black. 

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