Alana Hicks

Alana Hicks of Olar is the recipient of the Denmark-Olar Alumni Foundation’s 2018 Educational Award. A 2018 honor graduate of Denmark-Olar High School, Hicks is currently a freshman at Claflin University.

DENMARK - The Denmark-Olar Alumni Foundation held its Annual Educational Award Reception on Sunday, Dec. 2, at the Train Depot in Denmark. This year’s educational award honoree was Alana Hicks of Olar, a 2018 honor graduate of Denmark-Olar High School.

Hicks is the daughter of Mrs. Beverly Frazier and the late Mr. Howard Frazier. She is currently a freshman at Claflin University in Orangeburg, where she plans to pursue a degree in counseling.

Allison Kirkland, a Foundation board member and graduate of Denmark-Olar High School, was the event speaker. Allison’s message to the honoree and those in attendance centered on the importance of defining your “purpose” in life rather than your “preference."

Highlighting several biblical verses, Allison provided clear examples why individuals should work toward a purpose-filled life rather than a life based on preference.

In her remarks, Hicks recognized and thanked her mother and father, along with other family members who attended the reception, for their continued support and unconditional love. She also thanked the Denmark-Olar Alumni Foundation for selecting her as this year’s Educational Award winner and its members for their commitment to education.

Her mother and her aunt also spoke, talking about how proud they are of Hicks, the joy she gives them as a daughter and niece and how they will always be there to support her in her endeavors.

In closing remarks, Samuel Burgess, president of the Denmark-Olar Alumni Foundation, congratulated Hicks for being this year’s Educational Award recipient. He said foundation members are expecting her to do great things in life. Burgess encouraged her to always put God first in all her endeavors.

He noted that he and other graduates of Voorhees and Denmark-Olar High formed the foundation because “it is their way of working together to give something back to the young people from a community (where) they themselves are deeply rooted.” 

In addition to Burgess and Kirkland, other Denmark-Olar Alumni Foundation Board members are Keni (Tracey) Bey, Dennis Brown, Bobbie Davis, Patricia Donaldson-Smith, Gloris Gilbert, Lenell Geter, Harriett Hammond, Michael Jennings, Yolanda Keith-Grigsby, Patricia Major, Ernest Nimmons and Elvernia Richberg.

The goal of the foundation is to award $1,000 scholarships annually to graduating seniors who meet its criteria for an educational award. Since the foundation's inception in April 2010, the board members have been committed to its motto, “Promoting Excellence in Education and Service to the Community.”

Since 2014, The foundation has recognized six award winners. The foundation wishes to form relationships with community partners and encourages graduates of Voorhees and Denmark-Olar High to become donors to make a difference in the Denmark community and the lives of its young people.

The Denmark-Olar Alumni Foundation will hold its Annual Scholarship Gala on Wednesday, Dec. 26, on the Voorhees College campus. The foundation is challenging graduates from all classes to attend the gala and invite other class members. Tickets are $20 per person. For more information regarding tickets, contact any of the foundation members or email Samuel Burgess at sebdovc@gmail.com.

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