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If you’re attending prom, you know there’s more to the big night than simply showing up. Prom is great practice for “adulting” because of all the preparation involved.

By the time your prom comes around, you will have built (and hopefully stuck to) a budget. You also will have planned your transportation, wardrobe and dinner reservations.

Phew! Use this checklist to make sure you don’t miss any details as you prep for your special night.

Dress: This should go without reminding, but don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to select, try on and alter your dress ahead of prom date. Local boutique shops need ample time to get your order right, especially with the rush of new dress orders coming through their doors. Work with your local professionals to make sure your dress is one of the first things checked off your list.

Shoes and embellishments: Once you have your dress nailed down, it’s time to start accessorizing. What shoes will you wear with your outfit? Should you match the color of your dress or go for a bold fashion statement with dramatically different kicks? Choose embellishments that complement your dress and shoes. It’s OK if they are different colors — as long as you tie them in cohesively with other features of your outfit.

Here are some other things that belong on your prom 2018 checklist:

• Makeup and jewelry

• Hair appointment

• Nails and accessories

• Prom tickets and dinner plans

• Limo or other transportation

• Boutonniere for your date

• Ideas for photos

• After-prom outfit change

• Cash for after-prom activities

• Lip gloss and mints

• Phone for selfies

• Compact mirror


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