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Beautifully decorated homes and businesses will be on display on the Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Tour of Homes.

Three family homes and three businesses are featured on the tour this year.

“Because we’re the Chamber of Commerce, we try to showcase spectacular homes as well as businesses in the county,” Chamber President Melinda Jackson said.

The Lee Boulevard home of Shane and Angela Burroughs, the Partridge Road home of Ashton and Erin Blue and the Five Chop Road home of David and Virginia “Ginny” Williams are on this year’s route.

Business destinations are Thee Matriarch Bed and Breakfast on Fischer Street, Parzell’s Café on Russell Street and Southern Roots on Neeses Highway.

The ending stop on the tour will be Orangeburg Country Club, where tour-goers can enjoy a cup of homemade hot chocolate made by the club’s chef, a certified chocolatier.

Century 21 The Moore Group is the tour’s presenting sponsor.

The tour will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 7. Tickets are $12 for one or $20 for two and can be purchased at the Chamber, Grove Park Pharmacy and Chestnut Grill. For more information, call the Chamber at 803-534-6821.

Shane and Angela Burroughs

Perhaps the most striking thing about Shane and Angela Burroughs’ decorations is the table brimming with colorful nutcrackers.

“My most special décor is my German nutcrackers that I started collecting when I was 18,” Angela Burroughs said.

Her parents and other loved ones and friends know that she collects nutcrackers, so she gets more and more of them every year, she said.

“That’s definitely something that my four little boys love. That’s our favorite thing to do every year – get them out of their boxes one by one and remember the stories of each of them.”

Angela refers to her husband as “The Christmas Man” for his love of the holiday.

“Well, I am the Christmas Man. That’s my favorite time of the year,” Shane Burroughs said.

“It’s the time of year where we celebrate as Christians the birth of Jesus, who saved us from all of our sins,” he said.

Christmas gives everybody “the opportunity to be a little happier, to be a little more generous, and if every day were like Christmas, the world would be a better place,” Shane said.

His wife ribs him a little about getting ready for Christmas early.

“A little before Halloween, I start listening to Christmas music,” he said. “And it gets me in the spirit, and I think we ought to be able to listen to Christmas music year-round. That’s my vote.”

Ashton and Erin Blue

Ashton and Erin Blue are new to Orangeburg.

“We just moved here in August,” Erin Blue said. “And Linda Fisher was our realtor, and so she found this house for us.”

She said they moved from Charlotte and didn’t know anyone in the area so Fisher suggested participating in the tour.

“She thought that since our house was cute and we were new, this would be a good way to meet people,” Erin said.

She said that she and husband don’t have a lot of decorations since they’ve only been married for two years and this is their first house.

“But some of it is stuff from my mom. I lived in England for a while, so I have little knick-knacks, some antiques and stuff,” Erin said.

David and Ginny Williams

David and Ginny Williams live in the home of his late grandparents, Sen. Marshall and Margaret Williams.

“Our decoration is obviously kid-friendly. We’ve got three young children,” David Williams said. “If we’ve got too extravagant decorations, they’d all be broken and on the floor.”

He said they made the decorations kid-friendly, and they had a lot of fun with it.

“You’ll see a bunch of different decorations the kids have made, decorations we’ve collected over the years, including stuff that my mother had given us,” David said.

“And we’re very proud of the very eclectic nature of gifts that we’ve got,” he said.

Ginny said she wanted the decorations to be homey and reflect their family.

“We just wanted to make it look like our home and how we would have it decorated with our family here,” Ginny Williams said. “So we used pieces from his family, pieces from my family and some that were created by us.”

Thee Matriarch Bed and Breakfast

The elegantly decorated rooms of Thee Matriarch Bed and Breakfast are themed after community matriarchs, owner Rachelle Jamerson-Holmes said.

“The name ‘Thee Matriarch’ is because every family has one,” she said. “And every matriarch in every family holds the wisdom, holds the key, and they’re the one that everybody in the family goes to for everything.”

“And so, to pay homage to those women in my life and my husband’s life ... each room is named, designed and themed for a matriarch,” Jamerson-Holmes said.

Each room is different because each woman is different, she said.

“Lily of the Valley” is named for her grandmother, Lil and “Martha’s Vineyard” for her great-grandmother, Martha Huggins.

“Then we have Rosetta Holmes, who is my husband’s mother,” Jamerson-Holmes said.

She said it’s fitting because her husband, Fred Holmes, is the chef at Thee Matriarch, and his mother taught him to cook at the age of 9.

“Queen Bee” is named for Jamerson-Holmes mother, Brenda Jamerson.

Upstairs, there is “Florence of Italy,” named for her great-grandmother, Florence and her husband’s grandmother, Florine. “Out of Africa” is for Mother Africa, she said, but also for herself since she is the matriarch of her business ventures.

And there is “The Pillar,” a second-floor den space and veranda, named for community activist the late Geraldine Zimmerman.

“Everyone knows ‘Mrs. Z,’” she said. “She was the pillar of our community.”

Jamerson-Holmes’ boutique, Rachelle’s Island, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, she said.

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