T&D Correspondent Yon Line visited her home in Pusan, South Korea, for the first time since 2008.

She returned with the following story and photographs:

When I saw my mother and sisters for the first time in eight years I had tears of joy and happiness.

It is overwhelming. Pusan has changed so much from when I was living there.

There are so many beautiful big buildings, hotels, condos and office buildings. The stores are modern, just like in the U.S. There are still some markets where they sell live fish, squid and octopuses.

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I did have some octopus and it was still squirming around when we got it and my first piece was still moving when I put it in my mouth, but after my first bite it tasted really good and chewy.

They sell all kinds of homemade blankets, baskets, Korean clothes and so much more.

The family treated me to a traditional meal of rice, kimchi and fresh fish for each meal with side dishes of seaweed, sliced radishes, bean sprouts, dried fish and a few other dishes.

It is a lot of fun to shop at the open-air markets because you can find so many different things being sold, including fresh live fish, big squid and other live creatures.

It is fun to watch the people dicker over the prices. You can just about find anything at these wonderful old markets, but I am afraid they are dwindling down in numbers.

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