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Christmas Tree


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A well-decorated Christmas tree can bring holiday cheer every time you walk through your front door, but the actual process of decorating a tree is usually less joyful. If you find yourself frustrated by sparse branches and tangled bulbs before you even hang the ornaments, try these easy hacks for a more beautiful Christmas tree.

1) Fill in bare patches with garlands.

Whether you have an artificial tree that’s seen better days or a natural and not quite perfect real tree, bare patches between the branches are a common problem. If you don’t have the option of turning bare spots toward the wall, fill them in with an artificial pine garland. It’ll blend into the branches and make your tree look fuller almost instantly.

2) Use white lights in the center.

Even if you prefer color bulbs on your tree, using a strand of white lights in the center close to the trunk will give you tree the appearance of glowing from within. You can then layer the color bulbs on top.

3) Skip the ornament hooks.

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Ornament hooks are flimsy, fiddly, and easily bent out of shape. Instead, try using floral wire—the wire used to hold together large wreaths and bouquets. It’s an affordable choice that’s sturdier than store bought hooks, and floral wire is deep green, so it blends seamlessly into your tree.

4) Add a snowy look.

Artificial trees sometimes come with a white dusting that gives the tree a snowy look, but if you’re using an artificial tree without a snow flock design or you want to get the same look on a real tree, try this SnoFlock powder. You’ll instantly transform your living room into a winter wonderland.

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