Today, Father help us to walk in the victory that You have given us through Christ Jesus.


I thank you for Your protection, health, provisions and Your prosperity this day (Matthew 6:11). I thank You also for giving me this day as a day of victory, power and strength. I pray for Your will to be done in my life and my family life here on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). I have learned to have confidence in You, knowing that You are with me and for me, then nothing is strong enough to come against me and my family and succeed.

FRIDAY SERMON: When God sends a porta potty

You are an engaged transformer

It's the Word of God that transforms or changes us from thinking and acting like the world to thinking and acting like Christ. This is the kingdom of God way to operate in this earth. When a person have been living a long time in doing things the way the world lives, it's hard to adjust and grasp to the kingdom of God's way. However, the more you confess the Word of God over your life's (circumstances/situations), the more your minds and life will change and line up with the Word of God.

So, in essence, the Word of God is the “transformer.” It's job is to process, refine, transform, and change things that we are not comfortable with in our life. The Word, if used right will work. 

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FRIDAY SERMON: The importance of abiding in Christ

Once we pray according to the Word, God answers our prayer and dispatches the answer to our prayer as we fight the good fight of faith concerning the matter.

Death or life

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue...” You see God has given us the ability to give life to our worlds and circumstances by the word we speak. This ability to give life is actually the ability to change that which exists in the spiritual realm and manifest in the natural.

There are probably many people who have prayed for something over and over again but because of the lack of knowledge and understanding on how things work in the kingdom of God, they failed to posses and occupy what was already theirs.

Stop allowing your blessings and answered prayers hang out there in the spiritual realm. Know who you are in Christ and walk in divine authority and take what you have prayed for by force and never let the enemy hold up your stuff again.

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Dr. Ronald Hester is senior pastor of God's Way Ministries in Orangeburg.


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