FRIDAY SERMON: Afraid of devils

FRIDAY SERMON: Afraid of devils

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Living in a Christian society — with Orangeburg County having over 120 churches, we believe in the supernatural. Angels, devils and the like are all a part of our belief system — according to our faith. Interestingly enough, the average Christian feels weak against devils because they are afraid of them. We believe God is supreme and all-powerful, but we often doubt the promises He gives to us because we don't know what to do when devils approach us through turbulent situations in life.

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Unashamedly believing that God is the Almighty, why are we still afraid and believe that we’re powerless against devils? Why do we shy back when devils attack us and when it looks and feels like our efforts against them are failing? What are we really supposed to do with devils so that we can be effective against them?

Halloween, and other presentations that utilize the media, spark fear in us because scary images have convinced us that eerie-looking creatures equate to a power that can bring great harm to us. In order to overcome our fears, our focus concerning the creatures, who Christians and other religions call devils, should be the same focus Jesus has concerning them.

What to hate

The familiar scripture that comes to mind is 1 John 3:8 which says, "He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning." For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. This verse sums up the entire ministry of Jesus when He was on the earth. Jesus didn’t take the time to teach or preach countless sermons about devils, nor did He instruct the crowds to be very concerned about the existence of devils.

Jesus didn’t come to earth to give devils’ power any credibility. He came to destroy their works — as the scripture above plainly explains. So, why do we seem to fear or otherwise deify them? One reason is that too many Christians believe that Satan is the exact opposite of God in power, strength and ability, but this could not be any further from the truth.

Work until Jesus returns

Satan is a created being — a former archangel of God. Of course, we know that God was not created by anyone, so how could both of them be on an equal ranking level? They’re not. When Satan planned to takeover Heaven by exalting his throne above the throne of God. He was kicked out of Heaven. (Isaiah 14:13-16) If satan has an exact opposite at all, it would be Michael, the biblically proclaimed archangel of God.

Do you want to know where we rate in reference to angels? Hebrews 2:6-7 says that we were made just a little lower than the angels. Therefore, being who we are — as children of God, with Jesus Christ living in us, and being filled with the Holy Spirit of God, we should never fear any devil, ever. We have more power than any devil can muster.

What’s more? God is truly our loving Father, Who protects us and has even empowered us to defeat all enemy forces. We need to know that whatever enemy we face in life may appear to be overpowering, but just as a snake appears to look scary, the truth is: they’re afraid of us and desire to frighten us into submission. Don’t fear, but rather, be encouraged to know that through Jesus Christ, we have all the authority and power we need to defeat any devil.

Shane Wall is the Senior Pastor of The Feast of the Lord in Orangeburg.


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