Coming up with the final roster of wedding party participants can seem like one of the biggest chores of planning your wedding.

You don’t want to leave out anyone, and you also want to pair the right groomsman with the right bridesmaid to match your vision for photos.

Once you select your party, it’s up to you to help them form a bond ahead of your wedding. That way everything from the rehearsal to the reception can go that much smoother. You want your wedding party feeling relaxed and able to have a good time, so do your best to bring them together.

Ways to do so can range from throwing a party at your home or inviting everyone out for a fun evening on the town. Whatever you decide, be sure to include everyone to make sure you create the strongest bond possible.

Hit the water

The springtime provides beautiful weather for outdoor activities. Take advantage by inviting your wedding party out for a day of fishing, boating, swimming or lounging. If you have a local marina, consider renting jet skis or large rafts for the afternoon and spend the day getting to know each other in the water.

You also could choose to simply spend the day at the pool. What’s more relaxing than laying poolside with a cool drink in your hand? The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for fostering communication between those in your wedding party.

Play sports

One of the best ways to build a bond is through a little friendly competition. Set up a half-day of fun on your local golf course, your local bowling alley or even your local paint gun range.

Make sure everyone can attend well ahead of time and consider splitting teams strategically, so people outside of your normal social circle can easily get to know those who aren’t. Your wedding party will appreciate your efforts in trying to bring everyone together before the big day.