The elegance of a classic white winter wedding is hard to match. With snowy weather and colder temperatures, white is the color that represents the season.

White is a calming color that reflects all of the principles of what a good marriage is founded upon: peace, love, compromise and sustainability. It also is an extremely versatile color option that opens the doors for boundless combinations.

Get creative as you plan your white wedding, and remember that there are no limitations on your creativity.

A white wardrobe

As a bride, you want to stand out. If your dress is bright white, you’ll probably want to set your bridesmaids up with off-white selections or even a complementary color that fits your theme.

For groomsmen, black suits work well with vibrant white vests and ties. This balance of black and white will help bring to life whatever color you decide on as your primary choice.

Don’t forget the kids. Your flower girl and ring bearer will look equal parts adorable and grown up in matching all-white outfits.

White decorations

When it comes to folding white into your decorations, consider the size of the rooms. White has a way of making a room look larger, so consider mixing in plenty of color if your ceremony and reception are in expansive spaces.

Some ways to mix white into your decorations include white roses in tall floral centerpieces or white paper lanterns if your wedding is taking place in a warm-weather destination.

Color versatility

White goes with anything. Choose red roses and decorations for a vintage look or modernize your overall design with earth tones like rich oranges and deep greens. Depending on whether your ceremony is indoors or outdoors, there may be ways you can creatively play with the colors that are already around you.

Having a serene ceremony near a wooded area? Working in the earth tone strategy can be a home run. Holding your ceremony and reception indoors obviously opens up your choices, so work with your local wedding planner to choose the colors that work well with the space.