You just wrapped up the most stressful month — or months — of your life, and what’s the first thing you’re going to do now? Lug around a bunch of luggage all week on your honeymoon?

This week should be all about simplicity.

By packing too many outfits, shoes and unnecessary beauty products, you’re only complicating your relaxing trip. So while you’re preparing to head out to Hawaii or even somewhere local, keep a goal in mind to only pack what you really need.

You’ll thank yourself later as you enjoy a more pared-down vacation with your new spouse.

Think small

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to luggage. In fact it rarely is. You’ll want to think as small as possible — as long as you’re still able to fit your essential items.

Obviously, every honeymoon will call for different essentials. If you’re going on a safari through the Australian wilderness in the heat of the summer, you’ll need plenty of T-shirts, shorts and sun-protective hats.

A cruise through the vast Alaskan landscape will require plenty of sweaters, hats and scarves, especially if you’re going to be doing some nature sight-seeing.

Whatever your outfit needs call for, try to fit everything into a reasonably sized bag.

The extras

When packing for your trip, you’re not likely to forget the most obvious, such as like clothes, passports or plane tickets. It’s the little things that can be overlooked when you’re in a rush.

You’ll want to remember all of the medications that you usually take, as well as any pain relievers, anti-nausea and anti-itch remedies, as well.

Don’t forget some extra spending money that isn’t in plastic form. Bring along about $50 to $100 in cash for tipping, especially if you’re going on an all-inclusive resort. Your room, food and drinks may be paid for, but your service professionals will be expecting a little recognition of their efforts.