Wedding decorations with red apples on the field close up

Wedding decorations with red apples on the autumn field are shown.

One of the hottest trends in wedding planning today is bringing a touch of nature into the experience. You can easily achieve this goal through strategic additions to your invitations, decorations and even meals.

If Mother Nature is on your invite list and you appreciate all things outdoors, there are many ways to make your fall wedding the perfect nature-inspired event.

Choose a theme and spot

Nature is full of plants and animals and beautiful landscapes, and it evokes feelings of peace and calm in many people. This means there are numerous natural themes you could design into your wedding to create a pleasing atmosphere.

Use an earthy color palette that matches the fall season. Pumpkin, sage and brown would be a great mix of colors.

Your nature-inspired palette can be carried through to your bridesmaids dresses, too. Choose complementary, casual and comfortable outfits that play well with your main colors for a stunning pairing.

A natural location in the woods or other beautiful outdoors setting can be the perfect backdrop to your fall wedding or reception. This can be a cabin by a lake, a park or a nature preserve. You also can consider the beach or a local wine vineyard for a beautiful backdrop. Talk the decision over with your spouse and make sure to check with the land authority for any rules on maximum number of guests, fires, trash or alcohol.

Decorations and meals

You can incorporate your natural theme and colors into your invitations and decorations. Check with local printers to find materials that are designed and printed on recycled paper. This is a great way to make a sustainable impact on the environment while building your wedding plans.

Natural fabrics include materials such as linen or cotton and make great options for tablecloths. Create fabulous bouquets with your favorite flowers. Pick fresh wildflowers or any variety of flower in season and loosely bind them with your bouquet for a cute design touch.

The menu for your natural-themed wedding might encompass organic, locally sourced wine and food for the reception. Work with your local sustainable food organization or farmers to find out what is in season at the time of your wedding and give your guests the freshest meals possible.

To end your nature-themed wedding, consider planting a tree after your ceremony or giving away flower seed packets as party favors. The possibilities are endless. Just be creative and let nature inspire you.

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