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Hosting a wedding in the winter months offers up a lot of fun ways to embellish your nuptials — and keep your guests warm.

Even if you aren’t hosting an outdoor affair, the chill has a way of sneaking inside like an unwanted guest.

Chase the chill away with one (or more) of the following ideas.

For the ceremony

1. Have cozy blankets on hand for guests to wrap up. Think soft flannels and warm fleece in rich colors. Place them in baskets near the back of the aisle with a chalkboard sign reading, “To have and to hold, in case you get cold.”

2. Offer hand warmers. This is a great addition to any outdoor ceremony, and your guests will thank you for it.

3. Prepare seat-side snacking. Offer roasted chestnuts to guests as they take their seats. They not only keep the munchies at bay but create classy hand warmers for guests who would rather “hold” than “have.”

4. Add some cushion — to your guest seating, that is. Sitting on a cushioned pad instead of a cold chair can make a world of difference, and your guests will appreciate you thinking of the small creature comforts.

5. Rent portable heaters. If you are set on having an outdoor ceremony, you might look into renting portable heaters. The tall, sleek variety can be elegantly arranged to line the outer-rim of the seating area, or could be incorporated fully into your decor by lining the aisle with colorful ribbons attached to each.

For the reception

1. Stoke open fireplaces (where possible). Is there a fireplace at your venue? Ask if lighting a fire is an option. Or if your venue allows, create a bonfire outside. There is nothing like the crackle of a fire to keep things toasty.

2. Let your guests enjoy a coffee or hot cocoa bar. Nothing makes people feel warm like a hot beverage. You can offer add-ons, such as shaved chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. Don’t forget about other toasty drink options, such as mulled wine or cider.

3. Start the meal with something seasonal. Nothing beats a winter soup, soft cheese plate or roasted root vegetables.

4. Serve a warm dessert. While wedding cake is always a winner — and classic choice — consider adding something warm to your dessert menu. A fruit crisp or warm bread pudding with a bourbon-butter glaze is sure to chase the chill away.

5. Gift warm wedding favors. Everything from mittens, pocket warmers and shawls to mixes of hot cocoa or jars of salted caramel will delight guests and are sure to be used.

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