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chairs from wedding ceremony

Hot colors

When it comes to getting married in the summer, you can count on an outdoor ceremony being a bit toasty.

One way to lighten the heat of the day is through your color choices.

Keeping your color scheme light will help your bridal party in particular.

Below are the hottest spring and summer colors for 2015 as put out by Pantone, the corporation that produces the Pantone Matching System used in a variety of industries to find and incorporate the perfect color for a specific project.

While Pantone’s list is extensive, the options below can fit best with your wedding ceremony and reception to give them the hue you’re looking for.

Blue is in

We all know the saying, “Something borrowed, something blue.” Brides who like to mix this motto into their wedding décor are in luck.

Pantone describes scuba blue as an “energizing shade that takes us off to an exotic paradise.” Who doesn’t want their wedding to emit that vibe?

Even if your wedding colors aren’t strictly blue, you may be able to match this rich tone with other colors to find your perfect combination.

Other popular blue options this year are the classic variety and aquamarine, both of which inspire calm, confidence and harmony when displayed effectively.

Tone it down

You may think vibrant reds or bright yellows when conjuring up summertime colors. According to Pantone’s list, you may want to tone it down a bit.

Toasted almond, for example, is a sun-tanned neutral that can be paired with nearly any other color. Pantone calls the shade “timeless and versatile — an organic that speaks to authenticity and all that is neutral.”

If you’re looking to spice it up a bit without evoking wintertime or holiday emotions, tangerine could be the shade for you. “Good natured and friendly,” according to Pantone, this color will give you a bright hue to work with when choosing your invitations, tablecloths and even bridesmaid dresses.


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