Your colors and decor will set the tone of your wedding. This is the time to fully embrace the season and glean inspiration from your surroundings.

Winter greens

Wreaths of pine and berries are perfect for adorning the bride and groom’s chairs, church doors or buffet tables.

A sprig of pine and stick of cinnamon tied with twine around each guest’s napkin offers a striking table display and nod to the season.

Look for unexpected ways to sneak in a little green to really make a statement.

Go cotton

Cotton is a great — and inexpensive — way to decorate a winter wedding. It makes an elegant wreath or centerpiece, and can add wonderful texture to any bridal bouquet.

Seasonal prints

Nothing is quite as cozy as flannel. While a colorful plaid is not a typical wedding choice, it packs a punch next to a white wedding gown or cranberry bridesmaid’s dress.

Bold stripes also are great for larger items, such as table runners, down to the details, like the print on ribbon around a bouquet.

Luxe fabrics

To add some serious glamour to your winter affair, consider punching up your fabrics. A white velvet aisle runner, for example, will take your ceremony from chic to tres chic in an instant.

Holiday inspirations

If you really want to give a nod to the holidays, consider incorporating more traditional Christmas decorations. Instead of a traditional guest book, have guests sign clear glass bulb ornaments and have a tree set up for them to hang them on.

Oftentimes churches decorate heavily for holiday services with white fabrics and cheery poinsettias. If you incorporate these elements, you might not have to decorate your ceremony space much at all — translating into big savings.

Winter whiteout

This might be the only season when going all out with all white is not only appropriate but stunning. Create your own winter wonderland by embracing the snow-like hue and pairing it with a deep color that will allow the white to truly shine, such as evergreen or cranberry.