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My you are old

A life of community connection

Even in the era of social media, when just about everyone seems to play the role of reporter, there are those in the community devoted to a… Read more

'Presidential Harrassment'

President Donald Trump often complains that he is the victim of "presidential harassment" -- or, as he sometimes puts it, "PRESIDENTIAL HAR… Read more

Is it safe to drink water?

As Americans, we take our access to clean, potable drinking water for granted. However, disturbing new findings by the Environmental Protec… Read more

Great place to welcome springtime

Spring officially arrives today. Take a look around the Garden City and you’ll see it everywhere. Read more

Thanks, Bubba and Tuck

WASHINGTON -- Some days you wake up and think, "Nope, not getting up." I call these column days. Then, there are those other times when you… Read more

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Commentary: College admissions scandal shows how desperate the privileged are to keep it that way

Stories don't usually survive very long in the swift churn of news these days. But the college admissions criminal scandal has legs, probably because it has everything a big story needs: famous people, rich people, the FBI, renowned universities and major-league cheating, including the irresistible detail about Photoshopping kids' heads onto real athletes' bodies. It's one thing for the rich ... Read more

Commentary: Misunderstanding abounds about opioid use disorder

Recent scientific projections indicate the opioid overdose crisis will worsen between now and 2025, and dramatically so. According to the mathematical modeling published last month in JAMA Network Open, the annual death toll will exceed 80,000 and could, using the most pessimistic scenario, reach 198,000. I hope we take action now to defy these odds, but I worry we are stuck - stuck because ... Read more

Commentary: Opt out of for-profit prisons

As we contemplate ways to address the disproportionate number of people imprisoned in America, one potential impediment to change is the large corporations that profit from incarceration. Between 2000 and 2016, the number of people housed in private prisons in the United States increased by 47 percent compared with an overall rise in the prison population of 9 percent, according to an analysis ... Read more

Commentary: The military's new transgender policy is a ban, no matter how the Pentagon spins it

The Pentagon last week released its latest policy memo on transgender military service, an effort to bring President Donald Trump's tweeted ban in line with court rulings that had blocked the administration from implementing it. There are numerous problems with the policy, but one in particular ought to bring the entire edifice tumbling down: It is based on the wholly deceptive claim that ... Read more

Commentary: Bias in the justice system is real, and the death penalty reveals it

When Gov. Gavin Newsom suspended the death penalty in California last week, he cited an "ineffective, irreversible and immoral" process that, from trial to execution, is tainted by racial discrimination. African Americans bear the brunt of the bigotry; they're the most overrepresented on death row. In a state that is only 6 percent black, more than one-third of defendants sentenced to death in ... Read more

Commentary: OMG, a top Trump official is under investigation!

Here we go again. The Pentagon's inspector general's office said Wednesday that it is opening an investigation into acting defense secretary and former Boeing Company executive, Patrick M. Shanahan, over comments he made that seemed to puff up Boeing at the expense of its rivals in the military-industrial complex. The investigation stems from media reports that Shanahan, as undersecretary to ... Read more

Commentary: Green New Deal would cost a lot of green

Spring is here, and the U.S. Senate, appropriately enough, is preparing to vote on a resolution for the "Green New Deal." But what exactly would it do? A lot. The Green New Deal proposes sweeping changes to America's energy, transportation, agricultural and manufacturing sectors. The purported objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from human activity by 40 percent to 60 percent (from ... Read more

Downtown Orangeburg building coming back to life: ‘We are going to save as much as possible’

By GENE ZALESKI T&D Staff Writer

A long-vacant building in downtown Orangeburg is in the very early stages of being brought back to … Read more