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Walt Inabinet: A collection of 'doodles'

Walt Inabinet’s cartoons are a regular feature of the opinion pages of The Times and Democrat and The Bamberg County cartooni… Read more

Stopping crime on the inside

Add to the list of reasons why the Federal Communications Commission should allow state prison officials to jam cellphones signals a South … Read more

What’s he 'smocking'?

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump was up early Monday morning, tweeting falsely that investigators have found "No Smocking Gun" that prov… Read more

We’re all in this together

Gracious! We’re ending 2018 on a bitter note, no different from the cacophony we’ve heard continually since the 2016 election. The 2018 ele… Read more

I don't do decaf

System is not in need of change

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the winner-take-all system Massachusetts uses to assign its Electoral College president… Read more

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Commentary: P.C. culture isn't killing the Oscars. Hosting the awards is a thankless gig

How can it be that no one (besides Whoopi Goldberg) wants to host the Oscars? Are other comics worried that internet users will unearth some cyber trove of homophobic, sexist or racist remarks and stand-up routines in their pasts? Just days after the announcement that Kevin Hart would host, the comic bowed out when years-old homophobic tweets and footage of his onstage ruminations on why he ... Read more

Commentary: Who does America execute? A lot of people with mental illness and brain traumas

It's been apparent for years that the American death penalty system is so deeply and irredeemably flawed that it should not be used to determine whether someone should die for a crime. It's prone to manipulation by prosecutors and police, witnesses get details wrong (intentionally and not), and the penalty is applied disproportionately on minorities and the poor. But a new report by the Death ... Read more

Commentary: Will the death of a 7-year-old girl at the border finally put an end to our immigration gulag?

The death of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl hours after Border Patrol agents took her and her father into custody is a tragic turn of events that engenders no small amount of finger-pointing and recriminations. Someone must be to blame, but who? White House spokesman Hogan Gridley told reporters Friday morning that the death was "a horrific, tragic situation. Obviously, our hearts go out to the ... Read more

Commentary: Legislators who push for gun safety are faced with intimidation campaigns

The email landed in my inbox on Monday morning of last week. "The gun-grabbing tyrants are on the march," it screamed in bold text, "but their defeat is possible with your support." The note was sent from a gun rights group, and it was timed to arrive on the day I introduced AB 18, legislation that would establish a statewide gun tax and use the money to fund violence prevention programs in ... Read more

Commentary: Hitting kids is no way to discipline them

In a policy statement released last month, the American Academy of Pediatrics aims to end the debate over whether corporal punishment is an acceptable parenting tool. The verdict? It's not. "Corporal punishment is associated with increased aggression in preschool and school-aged children," write Drs. Robert D. Sege and Benjamin S. Siegel, coauthors of the statement. Not only that, ... Read more

Commentary: Redo the House race in North Carolina

The final undecided seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is now in the hands of the North Carolina Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement. After refusing to certify the result in the state's 9th Congressional District - where Republican Mark Harris leads by just 905 votes - the board is now investigating allegations of illegal ballot harvesting, tampering with absentee ballots and a ... Read more

Commentary: Pelosi-Trump exchange put the rudeness of 'talking over' on full display

If you're a woman who talks, you've been talked over. Run over in meetings, primarily by men, whose culture perpetuates mutual interruption as a form of nonverbal communication. Ignored, only to have your comment repeated moments later by someone else, to immediate response and recognition. Tuesday, the whole country was treated to this scenario in full glaring color, live from the White House ... Read more

Commentary: Why you should 'bring home the bagels'

"Don't you have bigger fish to fry?" That was the typical, not exactly enlightened, response after PETA shook up the Twitterverse with our list of animal-friendly phrases to use in place of common anti-animal idioms. For example, instead of "kill two birds with one stone," why not try "feed two birds with one scone"? And for "don't let the cat out of the bag," how about "don't spill the ... Read more

Five recognized for helping Orangeburg County grow

By GENE ZALESKI T&D Staff Writer

A group of business and education leaders who contributed to the county’s growth were honored for t… Read more