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EDITORIAL: Classroom return is S.C. priority

State Sen. Majority Leader Shane Massey says he hears about many issues but none more now than the status of students returning to schools.… Read more

EDITORIAL: New senator in a delegation with seniority

When the Legislature returned to Columbia this week to begin the 2021-22 session, a longtime lawmaker was not among the Orangeburg County c… Read more


COMMENTARY: Power of words in crisis

WASHINGTON — In moments of crisis, of war and terror, of loss and mourning, American leaders have sought to utter words to match the moment… Read more


Trump must face justice Read more

EDITORIAL: Reducing road deaths 2021 priority

The new year on the roads has already claimed two lives in Orangeburg County. That's not the beginning we had hoped for after a year that s… Read more

EDITORIAL: Impeaching Trump is not unity action

There’s a lot of focus on words in the political arena. President Donald Trump is blamed for inciting riots in Washington on Jan. 6 with hi… Read more


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COMMENTARY: Not 'helter-skelter'

Banners and lawn signs are populating our homes, businesses, and houses of worship, giving well-deserved praise to a range of health care p… Read more

COMMENTARY: Our polarized America

If the months since the November elections have shown us anything, it’s that the U.S. is more deeply divided than we’ve experienced in a ve… Read more


Richard Kyte: Truth is only reliable foundation for justice

Opinion: For decades we have told our youth to “stay true to yourself” and “stick up for what you believe,” as if there were some virtue in stubborn persistence alone. Read more


The Ethical Life podcast: Unity or accountability, which is more important after an insurrection?

Episode 5: We also discuss whether the Republican Party would be in a stronger place today had Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in 2016. Read more


COMMENTARY: Healing divided society

On Jan. 6 a white man strolled into an office, settled down in a leather chair, and casually put his dirty boots on the desk in front of hi… Read more

COMMENTARY: The day of the mob

WASHINGTON -- From the start of President Trump's administration, it was clear that he didn't and wouldn't accept the constitutional rules … Read more


COMMENTARY: Trump is right on Iran

“If Iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal, the United States would rejoin the agreement as a starting point for follow-on… Read more


Vaccinations bring relief; residents ‘rushed out’ for shots


People filed out of the Bamberg County Health Department on a cold, rainy Friday morning with feeli… Read more