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Driver accidentally shot self; Magnolia Street crash revealed injured driver

A driver who crashed on Magnolia Street last week accidently shot himself, according to Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Richard Walker.

Witnesses reported seeing a white Honda veer into oncoming traffic at 11:22 a.m. on Jan. 23. One witness said vehicle passed him driving about 75 mph as it headed in the direction of Interstate 26.

The Honda then ran off the roadway and into a wooded area on Ruff Road, just off of Magnolia Street.

When emergency officials arrived at the scene, they discovered the driver was unresponsive and had a gunshot wound. The driver was the sole occupant of the vehicle.

Deputies discovered a black revolver, $20 and a cellphone on the passenger floorboard.

The Honda had a single bullet hole on the driver side door near its door compartment. Deputies weren’t able to discover an exit hole.

They also noticed what appeared to be blood on the driver’s seat and floorboard.

Medics transported the driver to a Midlands hospital for treatment. The 18-year-old man’s condition is unknown.

No one else was injured in the incident.

The Honda had been reported stolen, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

Team bus in accident; Edisto JV players OK, miss game

A school activity bus carrying the Edisto High School junior varsity basketball team was involved in an accident Monday afternoon.

The accident occurred on Shillings Bridge Road at about 4:45 p.m.

There were no reports of injuries and all students were in school Tuesday, according to Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources/Public Relations Ernest Holiday.

"The bus was involved in an accident when a car pulled out in front of the bus," Holiday said.

There were 20 students on the bus, plus the coach and the bus driver.

The students were going to a game in Pelion. The students waited for another bus to transport them back to the school and did not play their game.

The bus driver was not charged in the incident.

"We will continue to train our bus drivers throughout the year," Holiday said. "Our transportation department will debrief with the bus driver."

The accident did require the closure of Shillings Bridge Road for some time.

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Bowman man facing 10 counts of attempted murder in Orangeburg, Bowman incidents

A Bowman man has been charged with 10 counts of attempted murder for allegedly shooting at people inside an Orangeburg club and at a Bowman residence.

Dajour Maurice Hall, 26, of 860 Rail St., is also charged with four counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, two counts of malicious injury to personal property, two counts of possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a violent felony and one count of discharging a firearm into a dwelling.

In addition, the S.C. Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services charged Hall with violating his probation.

Hall appeared in court Tuesday afternoon, delivering a profanity-laden outburst when he saw one of the alleged victims in the courtroom.

Deputies escorted him out of the courtroom. A few minutes later, a deputy informed Orangeburg County Magistrate Derrick Dash that Hall agreed to appear in court without misbehaving.

After Dash told Hall that he wouldn’t set bond on his charges, Hall again used profanity towards the alleged victim as deputies led him out of the courtroom. A circuit court judge may set bond at a later date.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office is accusing Hall of shooting and injuring a father of three at 4 a.m. Sunday at Club Atlantis, located at 1022 Chestnut St.

The shooting victim now undergoing medical care and will be out of work for a while, victim’s advocate Amy Rinkenberger said in court.

Hall’s arrest warrant accuses him of using a 9 mm pistol to “shoot the victim while his back was turned” during the incident.

After the shooting, “a man with a gun in his hand was seen getting into a vehicle, which then sped off with officers in pursuit. In the strip mall near Chestnut Street’s Fire Station Number 2, the vehicle abruptly stopped and three individuals fled on foot,” sheriff’s office spokesman Richard Walker said.

After a brief chase, sheriff’s office deputies captured the driver.

The gunman, however, fled behind the mall and onto George Street where an Orangeburg Department of Public Safety K-9 unit located him, Walker said.

The K-9 detected a handgun underneath a nearby vehicle, Walker said.

The Bowman Police Department had been searching for Hall since Jan. 5 after he allegedly shot at nine people in two separate incidents.

In the first incident, a Bowman officer heard gunshots around 4 p.m. while patrolling Rail Street near Adams Street.

An incident report states that the officer heard several people yelling about someone shooting at an Adams Street residence.

A 48-year-old man told officers that he was riding his four-wheeler along with two of his cousins on Rail Street when Hall opened fire at them, the report states.

When the three victims arrived at an Adams Street residence, Hall began firing at them again, the man claimed.

A resident at the Adams Street home took cover behind a GMC Envoy. The gunfire allegedly struck and damaged the vehicle.

Then at 7 p.m., the same Bowman officer received a phone call alleging that Hall was shooting into the same Adams Street residence.

A man said that he was out in his front yard when Hall began shooting toward him. He said Hall was about 40 yards away.

The man said he ran into his house and yelled to his family to get on the floor when they heard bullets hitting the side of the house. A woman and three children, including a 4-year-old, were in the home.

Officers located two bullet holes in the residence.

Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said the S.C. Highway Patrol and the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety deserve a round of thanks for their part in preventing Hall from escaping on Sunday morning.

“This is a perfect example of how agencies work together to take a dangerous individual off the streets,” he said. “It could have been far different. Someone else could have gotten hurt or worse if any one of these elements weren’t in place.”

If convicted, Hall faces up to 30 years in prison on each count of attempted murder.

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Calhoun County landfill nearly full

ST. MATTHEWS – Calhoun County Council is discussing how to deal with dwindling space at its landfill for yard trash.

Councilman Ken Westbury said the landfill could run out of space as early as July.

“It is a concern that I think we need to move very quickly to start resolving because we don’t want to go back to the days when the woods were filling up with people’s trash,” he said.

Councilman Cecil Thornton noted that the landfill is just for yard trash.

Calhoun County’s household trash is trucked to the Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority Landfill in Aiken County.

Westbury noted that surface water in the county also needs to be discussed.

Also during Monday’s council meeting:

• Calhoun County Deputy Administrator and County Chief Financial Officer Denise Christmas gave a mid-year financial report.

“In the general fund, our budget was $13,172,456. Our revenue as of Dec. 31 is $3,705,957. That seems low, but tax notices didn’t go out until November, so January is when we received most of our fees-in-lieu and we have received all of them,” Christmas reported.

“As of Dec. 31, 28 percent of our budgeted revenue has been collected, and we spent $6,178,527. Our county fees and services is at 36 percent, and that’s increased some because we collected a few more fees in January,” she said.

Christmas noted that the county’s, “state revenue is at 16 percent.”

“Of course, that’s low because we do not receive our state revenue, the bulk of it, until the year-end,” Christmas added.

The budget for the county’s capital improvement fund is $5,691,750, according to Christmas.

“The revenue collected is $1,545,043, and in January, just last week, we received our fee payment from the Columbia Energy Center in Gaston, and our expenses to date as of Dec. 31 are $2,044,933,” she said.

Christmas stated that the expenditures related to the fund are mainly for the recent renovations to the county’s courthouse and infrastructure.

• Council approved a motion to relocate a repeater, which is used for the county’s emergency communications.

Emergency Management Director David Chojnacki stated that the repeater on top of the Valley Ridge water tank is causing communication problems.

Chojnacki requested that the repeater be relocated to the water tank near St. Matthews on Hwy. 176.

The total cost of the relocation and reinstallation of the repeater is $3,478.75. Chojnacki reported that the county EMS will fund $500 of the cost, and the remaining cost will be split by the county’s fire commission and emergency management department.

• Council approved a motion to allow the Emergency Management office to purchase a new truck for $35,808.

Chojnacki noted that the purchase of the heavy duty, extended-cab diesel pickup truck will be fully funded by the local emergency management planning grant.

The truck will be bigger than the department’s current vehicle and will be used to haul equipment, he said.