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East Coast Rainstorm South Carolina

Sandbags are positioned in front of an entrance to a business in downtown Charleston on Friday. Millions along the East Coast breathed a little easier Friday after forecasters said Hurricane Joaquin would probably veer out to sea. But a freakishly powerful rainstorm fueled in part by the hurricane threatened to bring ruinous flooding to parts of the Atlantic Seaboard over the weekend. 

Several people were stocking up Friday in advance of heavy rains from Hurricane Joaquin, buying water, bread, blankets and candles.

Andre Washington of Orangeburg has plans to stay inside this weekend, away from the muddy and wet weather.

“I’m getting as much food as I can and staying in a warm environment,” he said.

John Rivenbark of St. Matthews said he plans to hunker down, read and hopefully watch television this weekend.

“We were fortunate enough to get some food in time. I don’t have to go out on Saturday. The best thing to do is just stay in and prepare for Saturday and Sunday,” he said.

Rivenbark hopes the weather will permit him and his family to attend church on Sunday.

Janie Fuller of Orangeburg said she has lots of supplies at home, such as bread and water.

She’s already started putting tap water in jugs.

“I’ve got to put some more water in jugs. Other than that, I have enough of everything,” she said.

“I hope I can go to church on Sunday, if the weather’s not too bad,” Fuller said. She plans to spend Saturday inside the home sewing and reading her Bible.

Stanley Adams of Elloree said he plans on spending his weekend inside with movies.

He has no plans to prepare. He is going to “deal with it when it comes.”

Shatory Erving of Virginia said she was coming from Atlanta and decided to stop in Orangeburg to visit a few friends.

After learning about the inclement weather, Erving decided to try to get back to Virginia before the storm arrives.

Atlanta native Devin Glover said he has stocked up on food and will spend his weekend inside.

“I’m going to sit in the house and I’m not getting on the roads at all. I’m off for four days,” he said. Glover says he wants everyone to be prepared.

“Make sure you have candles and make sure you don’t go back out in this weather,” he said.

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