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Santee State Park

The road leading to Lakeshore Campground at Santee State Park washed out during the recent heavy rains and flooding.

Four families were stranded at Santee State Park after severe flooding washed away the park’s main access road leading to Lakeshore Campground.

The park lost about 25 yards of road on Sunday night, S.C. State Parks Director Phil Gaines said.

“Part of that road is missing and impassible,” Gaines said.

The campers have been successfully evacuated to cabins on the other side of the park. Gaines says that side of the park was “unaffected and is open with no damage.”

The campers’ vehicles are still on the opposite side of the park.

“We’re working as diligently as we can to find a temporary solution to utilize an old fire break to be able to get their vehicles that are stranded on the other side,” Gaines said.

Although crossing very wet ground will be difficult, Gaines anticipates getting the campers’ vehicles removed by next week.

“We have engineers working to stabilize that old fire break into a road to get the vehicles out safely. We may be able to accomplish that by this weekend,” he said.

The Lakeshore Campground will be closed until the spring. Agencies are waiting for waters to recede before addressing the road.

“We are working with officials with FEMA and other emergency assistance folks to find shelters for them to make sure that they have a place to go. We’re going to make that happen,” Gaines said.

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