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Earline Robinson

Earline Robinson, an Orangeburg County Emergency 911 coordinator/office manager, is this month’s Orangeburg County Community of Character honoree for exemplifying the trait of cooperation.

Earline Robinson is a hard worker who believes in going about her tasks with a diligence and fervor that brings people together to get a job done.

Her ability to effectively combine professionalism with perseverance has won her the utmost respect from her colleagues. The Orangeburg resident loves to work with people, including those with a common goal of helping their communities.

Robinson works as an Emergency 911 coordinator and office manager for Orangeburg County, juggling many responsibilities and using her social skills to deal with co-workers and others.

It is Robinson’s propensity for optimistically working together with people for the common good that has earned her designation as the exemplification of cooperation for the month of March as part of Orangeburg County’s Community of Character initiative.

Robinson said the honor makes her feel good.

“It makes you feel good to know that somebody is watching. It goes to show you that the life you live will speak for you. You never know who’s watching, so that’s why you need to try to do the right thing,” she said.

Robinson is a member of the Orangeburg County PACK, a character-building program for county employees.

“It’s like a community, and we go out and just try to help people in the community. We have character traits every month, and you can nominate anybody within the county who you think exemplifies the character trait of the month. It’s a good little organization,” she said.

For the past several years, Robinson has served as committee chairperson for the PACK’s Senior Citizen Fruit Basket project. As part of her duties, she works closely with the Orangeburg County Council on Aging, fellow PACK members and co-workers to ensure that items are collected and organized for delivery in a timely fashion.

“We try to do different projects every year. I think we did about 200 baskets. We got boxes, and the county’s employees donated fruit and everything. The first year we did it, we went out with the Council on Aging while they delivered the meals, to deliver the baskets. The seniors were just so happy to see someone else,” Robinson said. “I’m pretty sure we’ll end up doing it again this year because it’s something for the seniors; they seem to always be left out.”

She said she believes in being a team player, and attributes her cooperative spirit to that of her late maternal grandmother for whom she’s named.

“She had always been that way. She’d tell you, ‘When someone asks you do to something, if you will do it, then do it right.’ You help anybody that you can help. It’s just always been me to help wherever I can help. Cooperation means working together toward a task or project to get it completed,” Robinson said.

Working toward a common goal does not involve seeking recognition, but rather getting a specific task done and done right, he said.

“I’m a behind-the-scenes person and not one of those who like recognition. I just do what I have to do. We have different projects that have to be done, and the goal is to get it completed. Sometimes you work toward a project and you have help, then you’re basically doing it alone at the end,” she said. “I just do what I have to do until it’s complete.”

She and her husband, Jackie Robinson Sr., are the parents of two sons, Antoine and Jackie Jr., and the grandparents of six.

She said the Orangeburg County Community of Character is a worthy program in its mission to promote good character within the community.

“A lot of times there’s a lot of negative things that happen,” Robinson said, “but there’s always a positive that comes out of it.”

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