There is a hostage situation and your team is the only one that can save the hostages before it is too late.

But the hostage takers have a strategy to keep those coming to the rescue at bay.

Time is running to rescue these before it is too late, but there are obstacles in the way.

Trees, creeks, forests are at each step and the terrain is the only thing keeping you away from a covert rescue operation in the "Tower."

Partially surrounded by a moat and designed with two floors and a porch, the Tower proves to be difficult to defeat.

Suppressive firepower is truly needed here, and players with the courage to Pictures are available on Facebook under Triggertyme paintball run within 10 feet of the structure, grab the hostage, and run back across the moat are required.

The scenario will become reality -- at least in some sense -- as Orangeburg will become home to family-owned Triggertyme Paintball, a 30-acre paintball field for young and old alike. The venue opens Saturday.

"Two teams will fight each other and it will be done in the woods," said Orangeburg neurologist Mohammed Alhatou, who conceived of bringing the paintball business to Orangeburg. "They will have a feeling they are forest fighting."

The site, owned by Alhatou, is located on Cook Road across from Low Country Pain Center.

"Most paint balls are real big woods," Triggertyme co-founder Robert Murphy said."This is more of a jungle field. It looks like you are in a tunnel. It is like nothing I have seen. It is a different field."

Murphy's wife, Carrie, is the business owner.

Alhatou, who has two young sons of his own, says his boys like to play paintball, but they drive to Columbia to do so.

Recently, Alhatou said he and his boys went to Columbia and he began to talk to Murphy about the potential of coming to Orangeburg.

"He came down and saw that spot," Alhatou said. "He thought it was a great spot."

"Nowadays kids sit behind the computer," Murphy said. "This is good clean fun where you can take a group of kids who have never played before and don't have anything to do with one another. After they are communicating, talking and laughing. That is what it is all about."

Triggertyme will be open by reservation for groups and parties over eight members seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. On Saturday's, the field will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The paintball experience will be open for anyone nine years and older. A liability waiver form will be signed for all who participate.

"What we have learned being in existence for 26 years that we have a perfect safety record," Murphy said. "No one has ever gotten hurt here."

The experience will include a woods field, a village field reminiscent of a jungle, as well as a hostage tower opportunity. Each course will have obstacles and structures to shoot and hide behind.

"The largest customers we have in Columbia are churches," Murphy said, noting church groups come from as far as Fayetteville, North Carolina. "They bring their youth children out. They play for a game and preach for 10 minutes. They play and preach. It is the neatest thing you have ever seen."

In addition to the fields, a speedball course will be about 100 feet by 50 feet large with obstacles. Speedball, unlike traditional paintball, is played tournament-style with elimination games, Murphy said.

The entire paintball course will be outdoors with the exception of a restroom facility. There will be picnic and grilling opportunities. In the winter, a bonfire site will also be available, Murphy said.

The venue will be staffed by Triggertyme employees.

Participants can bring their own paint. If customers bring their own paint, they will be required to use their own guns, Murphy said.

"The paint is biodegradable," Murphy said. "You can eat it. It won't hurt you."

Murphy also praised working with local zoning officials, noting approval of the needed buffers.

"We doubled what they asked us to do," he said.

The venue will limit paintball guns to shoot below 280 feet per second and fire at or below 8 balls per second.

Triggertyme will rent Tippman 98s as well as protective masks. All participants are required to wear a mask.

Participants are encouraged to wear layers of old dark cloths or layers of camouflage, good high tops or hiking boots. Paintball paint does wash out easily, but can leave a stain on light colors.

The standard fee for all equipment, including paint and guns, is $30. Should one bring his/her own equipment, the fee is $20.

For more information visit www.triggertyme.com or call 803-665-3461.

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