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COLUMBIA -- The South Carolina Department of Revenue forecast issuance of 800,000 tax rebate checks by the end of the week, and you can now track your rebate and find out if you qualify online.

State to send out rebate checks

How to check your rebate status: Go to www.dor.sc.gov/rebate and click the "Check my rebate status" button.

Enter your Social Security number (or the Social Security number listed first on the return if you filed jointly) and enter $50 as the refund amount.

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"Individuals are posting on social media that you can call our Individual Income Tax refund status line (803-898-5300) for $50 rebate information, which is not true. That phone line will not provide accurate information for your $50 rebate. You can check your rebate status online at dor.sc.gov/rebate," SCDOR spokesperson Bonnie Swingle said.

How to identify the rebate check: Rebates are mailed in a standard envelope with S.C. Department of Revenue listed in the return address.

The memo line on each check reads "SC TAX REBATE."

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The page on which the check is printed includes a box with information about the rebate.

The check is for exactly $50.

"We are working hard to make sure eligible taxpayers know the rebate is on the way so they aren't surprised when they find it in their mailbox," Swingle said. "We've heard from a handful of taxpayers who weren't expecting the rebate and threw it away. We want to help others not make the same mistake," said Swingle. "If a rebate is lost or destroyed – intentionally or unintentionally – the taxpayer can report it and request a replacement using MyDORWAY or by completing form SC3911."

To qualify for the rebate, you must have:

Filed your 2018 South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return by Oct. 15, 2019.

A 2018 South Carolina tax liability of at least $50 after credits. To calculate your liability, look at your 2018 return. If Line 15 on your SC1040 minus the sum of Line 21 plus the amount on Line 22 is $50 or more, you qualify.

What to expect:

Rebates are being issued in zip code order, and most eligible taxpayers will receive their check by Dec. 2.

Eligible married couples who filed a joint 2018 South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return will receive one $50 rebate check.

Checks will be mailed to the address the SCDOR has on file, which is likely the address on your 2018 South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return. Visit dor.sc.gov/rebate for instructions on how to update your address if you have moved since filing your 2018 return.

If your check is lost, damaged or destroyed, find instructions for requesting a replacement at dor.sc.gov/rebate.

If you have questions about the $50 rebate, visit www.dor.sc.gov/rebate, email SCRebate@dor.sc.gov, or call 1-844-898-8542 and choose the rebate option. Follow the SCDOR on Facebook and Twitter for $50 rebate updates.

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