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in Orangeburg
County EMS

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art software for the purpose of processing
patient care documentation. OCEMS also
maintains a fleet of ambulances which
The pandemic has meant challenges for feature customizations that make them
Orangeburg County Emergency Medical
particularly well-equipped to handle their
Services, which is operating with fewer
unique task.
people while receiving more calls.
Equipment and apparatus: CommuniRetaining certified full-timers in EMS is
cation with the local hospitals allows for
not a new issue as emergency medical
crews to alert them of incoming medical
workers are in demand around the state
and trauma emergencies. Protocols are in
and nation. In Orangeburg County, Emer- place for stroke alert and cardiac arrest.
gency Medical Services Director StephaAir transport for the most severe trauma
nie Givens said a decrease in full-time
cases that need to be taken to a level 1
employees during the pandemic opened trauma center is available. OCEMS is able
up opportunities for part-time employto make ground transports to two hosees to step up to fill in and address the
pitals: the Regional Medical Center and
department’s needs.
Trident Regional Medical Center.
And new opportunities are available
Staff: OCEMS has a large number of
now, with EMS being proactive in seeking Department of Transportation-certified
the best people to care for the people of
first-responder volunteers working within
Orangeburg County.
the county with their local fire departEMS has a program to recruit at local
ments. The OCEMS service conducts firsthigh schools and colleges and is offering
responder training classes for the local
ride-alongs to students planning to work volunteers. First responders are trained in
in the field. EMS personnel also now have cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic
the benefit of a recently hired progressive first aid skills, which allows them to protraining officer, and they are working with vide care until the ambulance can arrive
new equipment and ambulances.
on scene. OCEMS has a 911 Call Center
Givens said Orangeburg County EMS
facility built to withstand severe weather
offers a family-type atmosphere for those situations and equipped with a vast array
providing lifesaving emergency medicine of communications technology which
in helping the sick and injured. These
aids our dispatchers in providing responpeople care about what they do and their sive assistance to those in need.
community, also offering outreach and
Stations: OCEMS operates 7 stations:
Neeses - Medic 1; Orangeburg – Ellis Ave.
The pandemic has meant changes as
Medic 2; Orangeburg – John C. Calhoun
EMS comes into close contact with people Dr. Medic 3; Santee - Medic 4; Eutawville
having tested positive for the coronavirus. – Medic 5; Bowman - Medic 6; Rowesville
Personnel have had to adapt to wearing
– Medic 7
masks and taking other precautionary
Job opportunities: If you are interested
steps to protect patients and themselves in a career with the OCEMS, make contact
from COVID-19.
at https://www.orangeburgcounty.
Things to know about EMS
The OCEMS non-emergency phone numThe Orangeburg County Emergency
ber is 803-533-6268.
Medical Services program is dedicated to
providing out-of-hospital acute medical
This content was produced in partnership
care and/or transport to definitive care
with the advertising department. The news
to patients with illnesses and injuries.
and editorial departments had no role in its
OCEMS uses mobile data terminals
or display.
equipped with specialized, state-of-the-


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