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Sunday Puzzle
Puzzle Solution found on page A7


1. Shenanigan
6. “Losing My Religion” band
9. Kind of learning
13. Capital of Egypt
14. Nest egg acronym
15. Cupid’s target
16. Bar, legally
17. Indian restaurant staple
18. Kind of committee, two words
19. *Hedge maze, dull boy,
redrum, with The
21. *Pretend girlfriend, surgery,
body parts
23. Monkey ____, monkey do
24. Post-it message
25. It makes a guitar louder
28. Royal Indian
30. Perfumes
35. Glorify
37. Freeway exit
39. Like today’s cell phones?
40. Keen on
41. Like a confection
43. At any time
44. One of the large keys on the
46. Greek portico
47. Common workday start
48. Former President of Egypt
50. Ancient eternal life symbol
52. *Bathtub, hacksaws, Jigsaw
53. Euphemism for “darn”
55. *Blind violinist, transplant
surgery, sees ghosts, with The
57. *Hotel, mother, shower
60. *Count, bite, cross
64. Hot winter drink
65. Aye’s opposite
67. Financial benefactor
68. Seize a throne
69. Headquartered in Langley
70. Exclude or omit
71. Done on a Smith Corona
72. Old age, archaic
73. 6666...
1. Single pip cards
2. Crosby, Stills, ____ & Young
3. South American monkey
4. Actor Jeremy
5. Xerox machine
6. *Videotape, stone well, seven
days, with The
7. Paleozoic one
8. Tropical smoothie flavor
9. Make over
10. Hawaiian island
11. Ragtime turkey dance

12. And so on, abbr.
15. Bias crime perpetrators
20. Closes in on
22. Pilot’s announcement, acr.
24. ID badge, two words
25. *Sigourney Weaver, outer
26. Old Testament miracle food
27. Hits while on the green
29. *Beachgoers, police chief,
need for bigger boat
31. *Boy, shadows in photographs,
three sixes, with The
32. “Transylvania” daughter
33. Entertainment complex
34. Scatter
36. “Nobody ____ It Better”

38. Low-ranking worker
42. One who accepts the offer
45. Porter’s head gear
49. U Rah ____!
51. Seven daughters of Atlas
54. Present
56. Food-borne bacteria
57. One in a pocketful, according
to Mother Goose
58. Fish a.k.a. porgy
59. Bygone era
60. Two of a kind
61. Type of operating system
62. Prospector’s mother?
63. God of war, son of Zeus
64. Director’s cry
66. Be ill


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