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Two Counts Against Sellers Thrown Out
A directed verdict of acquittal on two counts of a three-count indictment
against Cleveland Louis Sellers, Jr. was ordered Saturday during an
extraordinary session of Orangeburg County court of general sessions, but
court will reconvene at 9:30 a.m. Monday to complete the trial on the third.

Conspiracy to riot and inciting to riot charges were in effect, dropped, while
the charge of rioting must still be faced.
Hussein Names Government
Jordan’s King Hussein named a new government Saturday to try to placate
his Arab critic and guerrilla leaders said they freed the last of the airline
hijack hostages, all believed to be Americans. Radio Amman said
32 hostages were released by the guerrillas and they were the only ones
held captive. Airline passenger’s lists indicated the guerrillas had
39 hostages. No explanation was given for the different figures.
Campus Unrest: Finger Pointed at President
The chairman of President’s Commission of Campus Unrest told
President Nixon Saturday he must exercise greater leadership if violence is
to be curbed and tensions eased between young and old. Chairman

William Scranton commented shortly before release of the commission’s
report to the President which blames government actions and inactions at
all levels for the crisis on college campuses. Both trigger-happy officers
and student terrorist are called criminals.
The report accused some law enforcement officers of unwarranted
harshness but also asserts some school administrators have been too
Agnew Blasts “Age of Indulgence”
Vice President Spiro T. Agnew said that “during the past generation, a
philosophy of permissiveness has permeated American life.” He called it a
“debilitating, enervating age of indulgence.”
“The age of indulgence cannot find an alibi in the war in Vietnam,” Agnew
said in a prepared speech. “In the past 28 years we have had 14 years of
war; it is not the special affliction of today’s youth. And student unrest is a
problem in countries that are not at war at all.”
He said “sociological soreheads hate to admit it, but the age of indulgence
has eroded personal responsibility and corrupted discipline. It has replaced
respect for authority with fear of repression.”

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